Saturday, February 23, 2008

I do pretty well until Sundown

Beer Log: February 15, 2008
State: Hungry, eating Cheese Ravioli

I'm typing this while trying to balance my 5 month old daughter on my chest. She's finally going to sleep but is slipping off. So cute.

Something about this beer's box and design made me want to check it out. It has an orange in the beer on the cover and fantastic art. And my love for Blue Moon (at 50 degrees F) is what makes me want to try many of the Hefe's and Witbiers out there. Oh it's real.

Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat
Of course I'm mature enough to NOT put an orange in the beer. We got the six pack, so I may get an orange in there and re-evaluate. I'm having visions of their Berry Wheat which was terrible in my opinion, no disrespect to the Kugel boys out there. Enough of this shit talking, on to the beer.

Had to pour it in a regular beer mug, gotta get some beer glasses. The smell is acidic and orangey. It's cloudy with a orange-yellow look to it (no surprise). Can't really get some head on it. I did vigourosly try again later to get some head, but it was fleeting; and then I poured the beer (hee hee). Got a bit of an orange peel thing going on, with an orange soda-ish taste. Kinda makes me think of the Undercover Brotha with his orange soda. It's got a wheat taste, with low hops and a tingly finish. It has a low to medium body, with medium carbonation. Smooth man, yet only moderately drinkable. It's got a sudden yet light citrus and acidity a little later on in the taste. The wheat comes on skrong with the warmth. Nice, but not something I will go ga ga over.

Now she's good and asleep, but now I can't get up and grab a beer. I'm stuck watching the State of the Black Union with all their fancy speeches, yet no solutions. The sista from TransAfrica is pretty good though.

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