Friday, February 8, 2008

The Malt of the Earth Club

Beer Log: January 24, 25, 2008
State: Eating Dinner both times

So my wife has me in this club that sends you some random beer every other month. Gotta love that. When in the blue hell would I ever go to Vermont. Do they even have brothas up there? Probably a couple.

Otter Creek Copper Ale
We were eating some ribs with brocolli and corn, good woman.
Never had "Copper" Ale, so I'm curious. Well it pours smooth, with a copper color (wow!). Malt and cinnamon flavor smell. It's got a damn near white head (cream color perhaps). It's got noticeable but light-medium hops, some malt. Has some medium carbo, and a (damn) metallic taste. I took several drinks before I could figure out what that was, damned if it ain't metallic. It has a bitter aftertaste with some spiceyness.

New night, we broke out the stuff. Left Hand
Gotta love the bright red hand on the bottle cap.
While munching on some chicken and fries, we hit the...

Left Hand Sawtooth Ale
It's got a dark straw color, with a poofy white head and spicy caramel scent. Suprisingly full bodied, with spice and medium hops. Just when you think you got away from it, there's a slight hops aftertaste on the back of the tongue. Wet (not dry) with maltiness and some light hops tasts after it warms up. Well done Left Hand.

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