Friday, February 8, 2008

Beer o' the Month again

Beer Log: January 27, 2008
State: Hungry and dehydrated

Back to Howard Dean Land. We all thought his dumb ass was going to sink the Democratic party, but it looks good for a brotha to get in the white house now. Hellz yeah. And I don't even agree with many of his Politics.

Back to Otter Creek. Gotta love the Pale Ales eaten with spicey food. Gotta love the tastebud assault.

Otter Creek Pale Ale
Has a flowery aroma, dark brown color with white head. It pops in big bubbles and whatnot, a little lacy. Beer has a good strong hops (kinda medium for a American Pale Ale), 30 second finish. Low carbonation, and even more bitter finish on the back of the tongue. Slight citrus thang with a dry finish. Pretty good but I like my Pale Ales to bring the pain. Oh it's real.

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