Sunday, March 2, 2008


Beer Log: March 1, 2008

State: Hungry and Chillin

We're at a FAMU Houston alumni meeting and it's at this cajun restaurant. These guys try to keep it real, so with the crawfish bucket you can order some Abita. Unfortunately, I had to drink it out of a plastic cup, or out of the bottle, so plastic we will go.

Abita Turbodog

You gotta love the name. I'm getting fired up over the dark color. And for authenticity's sake, I ordered some crawfish etouffe. Oh it's real. It's pours smooth and dark brown, with a tan head. I'm not getting much scent but the sista serving the beer had it in an ice chest. I'm getting some very light chocolate notes and light bitterness. High fine carbonation. I'm getting the word "burnt" in my mind, and I'm just not feeling it. The only thing I'm feeling is a horrible aftertaste. It's kind of silky on the mouthfeel. It gets better as it warms, and we've gone from very light choco to light choco. It's not a bad drink with the spicy etouffee, but not that great either.

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