Friday, February 15, 2008

Shine on Me

Beer Log: February 8, 2008
State: Hungry, eating spaghetti

Back with the Shiner. They brought the 96 back out and are selling it as Shiner Dunkelweizen. Never tried anything with the word "Dunkel" in it, but I understand they roast some of the malt here.

Shiner Dunkelweizen
Dark red color with a fleating white head. Malt, citrus and spice in the scent. Tast has some light roasted malt, slight cinnamon. Low carbonation and hops, very dinkable and goes down quick. Light bady. The beer tastes sweeter and just better when it's warmer, kinda reminds me of a stout. Another great one from Shiner, though I know we have a lot of hater out there.

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