Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ahh, the Conversion

Beer Log: January 19, 2008
State: Hungry, at the SPRC

So we are at a convention of black engineers in Downtown Houston, and we are at a loss of where to go for dinner. I keep pushing that we got to the Sauce so we can try some new beers. Everyone is skeptical at first but we bring in about 12 folks. I love converting folks who claim they don't like beer.

Most folks have only tasted Bud or Miller, and they claim it tastes like urine. Problem is, they probably got it at a crappy hip hop bar that hadn't changed out the kegs in months, and it may have been warm. So we get everyone on the frambozen, the rasberry beer. They bring it out in this champange flute and everyone is drinking it like water. I didn't touch it myself, anything that bright red scares me.

Others even got themselves some chocolate stout and we're suprised that there are beers that taste like a Snickers bar. It works every time. It's easier to convert women b/c they like the ciders, fruity beers, and whathaveyou. Brothas are a little tougher, as they tend to drink overpriced tequila and Hen-Doggy Dog. Maybe I should offer the brothas some barley wine next time. Oh it's real.

Spaten Franiskaner Hefe
Nothing like a hefeweizen to get 'er started. This was cloudy and had a white head. I first noticed the high carbonation (not my cup of tea), and the head got flat fast. I noticed something like apples (probably from the lactic acid), and a slight banana thing going on. Medium bodied. Not bad.

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat
Well this is my first pure fruit beer, and it smells of harsh cherry. ILt was amber and translucent with a white weak head. It was cherry sweet with a long finsh. Got medium carbo, no hops bitternes, and a light slippery body. It was also acidic. It kind of made me think of a regular light beer with someone slapping in some cherry at the end. Nothing to write home about.

The chicken tenders have shown up at this point.

Full Sail IPA
Have to go to something harsh after all this fruitiness. Deeper amber color, white strong head that sticks to the side of glass (lace). I can smell the hops on this one. Very smooth and very hoppy, though not thunderbird hoppy. I got a slight cinnamon spiciness with a 60 second finsih. Good way to wrap up the night.

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