Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coming to you Live

Live Evaluation:
Beer Log: February 16, 2008
State: Slight Hunger and dehydration, eating pizza.

We are coming to you LIVE. I’m not writing this in my notepad, it’s coming to you straight onto the computer like a porno site. The Beer of Distinction is St. Arnold Spring Bock. This Spring Seasonal is already out of production. I believe their website said they drank it all. We managed to grab it at Kroger. Reddish copper color. Light hops and spice on scent. White haed is fleeting and slips around the mug. Almost like a fall beer. Medium body and light noticeable hops. Medium carbo. Kind of a sugar sweetness. It just flies down the tongue for a quick finish. It’s not really dry. I can it has some more than average ABV. I’m having thoughts of a light bodied less sweet Grand Marnier. The wife has a sweet tooth, and it doesn’t taste sweet to her. Overall a good beer, though I’m a bit more partial to Shiner Bock. I could have sworn the spring beers were supposed to be a little lighter. I’d rather drink this one when it’s nice and frigid outside. This may even be better as a Winter Beer as I think about it. But it’s tastes great regardless.

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