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Friday Night Beering

Friday Night Beering

Beer Log: August 28, 2009

Sitting here at the house just off a quick stomach virus, which kept me off the beer for a while. I think we'll just be a'beering all night at the house tonight. No real theme or anything, just Good Beer while hanging out with the wife watching some movies.

Summit IPA
Nose is a little metal malt with balanced hops. Smells pretty flowery. Slightly hazy amber color with a lasting white head. Taste is a little metallic and a rush of icky bitterness. I think we held on to this one too long as it tastes like an old liquor store. With the cheese pizza it has a bit better malt and hops. Stronger than the English IPA variety but not quite American IPA strength. The more I drink it and the more it warms up the better it gets. The metal nose and flavor has given way to a more basic IPA. I get that caramel malt with the pretty strong hops, but rather balanced. Just gets better as we keep going. High 3 star.

He'brew The Chosen Beer: Jewbelation Twelve
He'brew's 12th anniversary beer in a bomber. We've had this one for a few months. Been looking forward to this. I wonder if I can pick out all twelve malts and all twelve hops. If not, the 12% alcohol will probably just make me lose count. In a wine glass. Deep brown color that pours smooth. Great malty nose with slight chocolate. Low head. Oh my, a great sweet maltiness that has a chocolate aftertaste. Low carbonation and somewhat easy drinkability. The hops are not as bold as I thought they'd be. The beer is like a strong brown ale or even a barley wine. I get a bit more choco and hot alcohol as it warms up. A very warming beer which means I should have had this a few months ago when I bought it instead of late August in Houston. I'm guessing on the 12 malts: two row, six row, pilsner, chocolate malt, munich, biscuit, caramunich, caramel, crystal (2 types), roasted malt, wheat. Hops: cascade, centennial, fuggles, EK Goldings, warrior, Willamette, mt. hood, saaz, noble, Amarillo. Whatever it all is, this power packed beer gets 4 out of 5 stars. **Wife says I got about 70% of the malt right and 60% of the hops**

A good hour later and I'm still feeling that brown ale on the tongue. That thing does NOT go away.

Redhook Double Black Stout with Coffee
Nose has a little stoutness to it, though the beer is pretty cold in my dimpled pint glass. High carbo with a bitter coffee bean flavor mixed with chocolate on the back. Finish is pretty damn dry with some choco. Goes down easy and has a thinish body. Not bad so far,we'll see how it warms up. Take a dry Irish stout with a higher coffee character. Low 3 Star.

Sunday Beering: Middle Ages IPA

Could certainly use some Impaled Ale from Middle Ages that I picked up while in Buffalo, NY.

Beer Log: Right Now
State: Slight headache from doing a 10K today and slogging down a Sam Adams Imperial Pilsner a couple hours ago.
Eating some really hot chili

Middle Ages IPA
Big head on an amber beer. Nose is not as strong on the hops and malt as I'd expect considering a good 3 inch head in my Sam Adams Winter Lager glass. Why the wife doesn't grab the wine goblets for this stuff I'll never know. I get the sense of a bread and hops. Nice smooth low carbonation beer that can function as a decent session beer. The beer is balanced I would say is closer to an English IPA than an American IPA. 3 Stars.

A little recap. This weekend was pretty eventful in that I remained home all throughout, no offshore. We were able to hit a belgian beer tasting in the Heights as well as put Longhammer IPA against some of the hottest wings on the westside of Houston. Spoiler alert: the wings won. All will get their own posts. Had a great UFC 102 last night as well. Most of my predictions came true, including Thiago Silva knocking out Keith Jardine in the first round. Since so many of these UFC fighters are Brazilian, I've kinda given up my shortlived tradition of drinking beer from the home towns or countries of the fighters in the co-main events. How much Xingu can a brotha drink damn. I'm going to have to trade someone to get some Brazilian beer.

I'm really looking forward to the Monday Night preseason game with Houston versus the Minnesota Favres tomorrow night. Many people like to hate on Brett Favre for not retiring and whatnot, but really what the hell is ANYONE going to do in retirement? Just sit around and wait to die. You'll travel and golf all you ever wanted... and after those two months have passed, then what? If you still feel you can do your old job, and there's a company or a club that will give you a shot, I say GO FOR IT! The only people that are truly concerned with an athletes legacy are people who've never done anything in athletics.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Review: Brew Dog Storm

Another Beer Brotha review:

"God, this is rough!"
Tastes like burnt cigarette.

Smells like malt and then burnt cigarette smell and taste, then ashes. And a pork smell.

This is what I thought malt liquor tasted like before I knew what it tasted like. "Tastes like a 40 and up ghetto hip hop club in north Florida."

They tried too hard and they blew it.

1 star.

Review: Mikkeller Nelson Sauvin Single Hop IPA

Typed for the Beer Brotha, who apparently can't eat, taste beer and type at the same time. Apparently this is what happpens when he has to cook dinner for himself:

Mikkeler Nelson Sauvin Single Hop IPA, Mikkeler Brouwerij

Tasting notes:

Smell: Kind of sour, fruity notes.
Appearance: Poofy, tan white head. Amber colored, with a chill haze.
Taste: Grape banana sour taste reminiscent of Belgian styles, like Abbey Ales. Complexity increases as it warms up. Could this be from extra bacteria? STRONG hop character. Very pleasant!

4 star.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Damn that's good

I swear I'm going to kidnap Mike McDole and have him brew this IPA for me every month. This Sam Adams Double IPA is not to be effed with...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beer by the Amish

Lancaster Amish Four Grain Pale Ale

The wife picked it up in Maryland. I didn't know the Amish made beer. Buttery bread nose. Light copper and quickly dissappearing white head. Has a buttery smoothness on the tongue (no homo). Lightly hopped but has just a touch of fruitiness to be a pale ale. My spider sense picks up some dryness and chalkiness as well. High 2 Stars.

Maybe they should stick to the apple pie. That stuff is not to be effed with.

New Brewery Coming in Austin: Circle Brewing.

Great article in the Austin Statesmen. Beer is apparently making a STRONG push in Texas, despite the beer distributor lobby trying to hold them back. In addition to Southern Star in Conroe, we shall soon have another brewery just up 290 in Austin, TX. Granted, Circle Brewing's founders are Tennessee folk, and we don't take kindly those people down here, especially the old Houston Oilers fans. But regardless it looks like they are coming along great. Also, looks like Circle will have some comp with Jester Brewing as well. CHALLENGE!!!

To brew, perchance to dream
By Patrick Beach Wednesday, July 29, 2009, 02:41 PM

If fund-raising and everything else goes as planned, we’ll have two new small breweries that call Austin home.

First up: Jeffrey Stuffing’s Jester King Craft Brewery. The former attorney and home brewer since 2003 hung up his barrister’s cap in June to work on the project full-time.

“There was a realization that this wasn’t gonna happen unless I was fully devoted,” says Stuffings, who’s currently getting professional experience helping Brian Peters at Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que.

I sampled Stuffings’ India Pale Ale and it’s really, really good. More encouraging is his fondness for crazy stuff — barley wines, smoked beers, big Belgian and chocolate stouts — as well as sessionable beers. “I really have a foot in both camps,” he says. “Right now I’m committed to brewing what I like.

The guy believes that in a decade Austin’s beer market will be comparable “to a Denver or a Portland.” Let us hope.

Stuffings has raised some $100,000 of the $800,000 he says he needs to get going and he’s set a deadline of March of next year to haul in the dough, although obviously he’d like it to be more like the end of this year. His vice president is Joseph V. Maida, who left a career in medicine to make beer.

So is this eating your life?

“Yeah,” Stuffings says says. “And it’s cool.”
You can learn more, including reading the company’s executive summary, at the site linked above.

Then there’s Nashville natives Ben Sabel (above right) and Judson Mulherin (left), who are starting Circle Brewing Co. These two have professional backgrounds almost as surprising as lawyer and doctor — Sabel was a talent agent in L.A. (“You’re never off work. You’re never on vacation) while Mulherin worked as an aviation mechanic and contractor in Denver and San Diego

So they’re complementary — Sabel has an MBA, Mulherin is the self-described “grease monkey” (although he has a degree, too). They’ve raised about $185,000 of an estimated $425,000 or so they say they need to get going. To start they’re aiming to brew an amber, a blonde bock and a Texas wheat.

So on paper these guys might not seem as wacky as Stuffings’ impending offerings, but they believe it’s important to have a solid front line before putting more adventurous product out the door.

Says Sabel: “While we might be choosing common categories, our beers are not common-tasting. We’re trying to fill holes in the market, especially the Austin market.”

That makes good business sense, but one of my persistent, low-level complaints about Texas brewers as a whole is their relative reluctance to challenge Texas beer lovers more. After they get going I hope they find room for more niche offerings and lead the charge toward a true Texas beer renaissance.

Drinking Beer while Brewing Beer

It's like eating while watching the Food network. It's like playing touch football during the halftime of a football game. It's like having sex while watching porn.

Is there ANYTHING better than drinking beer while brewing beer? Right now I'm heating up the water for the specialty grains while disinfecting the fermentor. Which means I'm really just sitting here listening to Walton & Johnson podcasts and about to crack open...

Beer Log: Right now 11:51AM
State: Waiting on the water to heat up.

Great Lakes Eliot Ness
I picked up a six pack of this while in Buffalo. I tore through about 4 of them while I was in Buffalo prompting my mother to think I'm an alcoholic. I had a few left so I brought them along with me back to Houston. Nice to see that they have some great beer in my old hometown and birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio. Nice malt and delicate toastiness on the nose. Copper color with strong white head in my cupped pilsner glass. Damn I needed that. Moderate to strong malt with just enough grassy hops to balance. Moderate carbonation and whatnot. Finish has a sweetness to it, almost cloying. The bottle says it's an amber lager but if the brothas told me it was an American Brown Ale I would believe it. I just really enjoy this sweet amber lager, though not as crisp as I figured out. But I like the gentle bitterness and toastiness. 4 stars. CLEVELAND ROCKS!

I think the challenge with drinking beer while brewing beer is not to get plastered as you'll be sitting around for a while, but you can't exactly leave the house for a few holes at the golf course as you'll burn your house down. I'm looking through our kegerator and we have hardly any new beers that we have more than one bottle of. In other words, I can't just go drinking all these beers we brought from the ATL and Buffalo and Maryland while the wife is not here. We actually have some GB Blonde Bock and a sixpack to boot. I haven't reviewed this one since I was back in the ATL for some recruiting.

Gordon Biersch Blonde Bock
Pours a tinged straw color in my NORTH CAROLINA 2009 NCAA BASKETBALL NATIONAL CHAMPION mug. I last had this beer in a sampler, but on its own I imagine it will be a little better. Strong poofy white head. Has a kind of Munich malt smell and German noble hop thing going on. Think of those random green bottle German beers (link) you get at the liquor store, just without the long plane ride to the states. Taste has a nice syrupy sweetness to it characteristic of a bock. Totally messes with your head considering the light color. Low carbonation a lightly hopped. Seems like they have it down. High 3 Star. Fantastic purity law beer.

I just got off the phone with the wife about Oktoberfest, and it turns I actually drank the last of the Eliot Ness. She hadn't tried it yet so I kind of screwed up there. As such I'm slugging down a can of Fat Tire right out of the can along with my Enchiladas from Sylvia's. I'm telling, I go into WITHDRAWAL if I do not have some good Mexican or Tex-Mex at least once a week. If your town doesn't have at least 10% illegal immigrants, your Mexican/Tex-Mex food is probably not up to snuff. I'm doing a full 5 gallon boil on the stovetop, so it is taking FOREVER for this thing to reach a boil. And it will take forever again after I add the extract. So I'm sitting here listening to 2 Live Stews podcasts and watching UFC Wired.

Just added the hops, got a little boil over, so the beer won't be as hoppy. But then again it's for the wife so it should be all good. I may slap in the other hops a couple minutes early to get it going. How about some Zon.

Boulevard Zon
Coming out of Kansas City. Banana yeast nose. Quick dissapearing fizzy white head on a cloudy yellow beer. Strong yeast flavor like my old Belgian witbier homebrew before it fermented out. Beer is much more pleasant than I remember. Nice poofiness to its body and whatnot. Dammit I hate boilover. Low 3 Stars.

Well, I'm still cleaning up the Zon I just spilled on the carpet. Backed right into while watching UFC 101 for the 20th time. I poured myself some Anchor Bock with it's roastiness and whatnot in my Carolina mug. It's 3:30PM and I'm out of ice and the lowest I can get the temperature is 82 deg F on the wort. The OG is 1044. Tastes super sweet and moderate hops on the wort. Already added a gallon of 42 deg F wort. I have not freezer or anything for temperature control, so I'm just going to live with 82 deg F and pitch the yeast. Whatever happens happens.

Ok. I need another drink...some Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella Pils should do the trick.

This is some BULL SHYT. I made ENTIRELY too much money to be sitting her trying to cool down my wort with a bunch of ice in the kitchen sink whatnot. Dammit I was hoping to hit my IPA as well today, but screw that. I'm pitching yeast at 82 deg F like an idiot. I've got to get some better equipment going. Mama's pils is much better out of the can btw. This is terrible. Will let you know how it turns out.
UPDATE: 6AM this morning
The beer is fermenting up a storm right now. Temperature is down to 75 deg F. I do expect the Golden Ale to be a little fruitier than normal, but that's okay. I may try to get my IPA going tomorrow morning. We'll see.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Drinking out of the can/bottle

I'm sitting here about 3-4 beers in before I have to go back to the water for a 2 week stint. I enjoyed some great beers over the weekend, including the Sam Adams Triple Chocolate Stout. It wasn't quite as chocolatey as I thought it would be, but fantastic for a desert beer.

Today I've been drinking beers like Heineken Dark, Oskar Blue's Mama's Little Yella Pils, and Michelob Marzen all out of the can or bottle. All I can say is that the Pils and Marzen were A LOT better out of the can/bottle than in a glass. In a glass I found both of them boring. But the Mama's had a great extra maltiness to it out of the can. The Marzen has the same thing. Nice and flavorful for a session beer. What I want to know is: why is it that some beer taste better straight out of the bottle or can? A few weeks ago the wife picked up some Fat Tire in a can and it was fantastic. One sec...

Beer Log: Right now
State: ever so slightly tipsy

St. Rogue Red Ale (dry hopped)
Moderate malt nose, not as hoppy on the nose as I would think. Slight cloudy dark amber color with a big tan head. Taste is extremely overly hopped. Big on the citrus and piney hops. Nowhere near the maltiness I smelled on the beer. Moderate to high carbonation with an excellent crisp finish. I'm they dry hopped it up, but the nose to flavor experience suggests there were a lot more hops in the boil. The malt is a little caramely. The beer leaves me feeling pretty dry as well. 3 Star if you are eating spicy food.

So how is it that some session beers are so much better out of the bottle? We think that when you put a beer in a glass, it opens up with exposure air. Just like wine, beer can breathe and give off flavors and scents. But we figure that certain low flavor craft beers will give away to nothing the little bit of flavor they have left if you put it in a glass and swirl it about. Straight out of the bottle I get a light choco/syrup from Shiner Bock, and I get an excellent smooth maltiness from Fat Tire. On tap or poured into a glass, they go down a full star rating. Amazing how that works. I guess we beer lovers and connoisseur's won't have to risk alienating ourselves when we drink out of the bottle for tailgating season. Anyway, more beering to come. I owe you guys my beer posts from Toronto. Holla.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cruising with Ruben and the Jets

One time for probably the coolest beer label around. We got this Lagunitas beer at Specs up here in Suburban Houston. The head is about the same size as the beer. Huge tan head with a dark brown color. Nose is a strong cinnamon and chocolate. Like a cookie. Seems to be a lot of little particles all throughout the beer, and they are not settling. I'm sure that's just th yeast.
Taste is a strong strong malt and chocolate, maybe enough hops to balance but it's hard to tell. The beer is medium to full bodied and very velvety on the tongue. Excellent imperial style, seems like a stout. 4 Stars. Very well done Imperial Stout.
It's beer like this one that are giving Southern Tier and Avery a run for their money in my top breweries of 2009.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Live Blogging: Middle Ages Apricot Ale

Copped this one while I was in Buffalo.

State: Watching Dora the Explorer con bebe.

High carbo and moderate apricot and hops. Nice clear amber with thin white head. The beer has a decent toastiness to it. Very pleasant. Yum yum yum yum yum, deliciosa. 3 Stars.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shout Out to our Soldiers

I see I now have a lot of readers from Afghanistan. Considering that the local clientele in Afghanistan are prohibited from drinking alcohol (as I understand it), I'm going to venture a guess that we have some soldiers checking out "The Brotha" in the warzone. You guys stay strong out there! Hope you come home soon.

Live Blogging:
State: Right Now, watching the Anderson Silva/Forrest Griffin fight on DVR for the 15th time.

Firehouse Brewing Company American Pale Ale
Big offwhite head with amber clear color. Nose is a pleasant fruitiness and malt. Maybe a touch of apricot. Taste is kinda malty, with a nice dose of toast. Hops are not overpowering, just barely balancing the malt. Very nice. I would say this qualifies as an American Pale Ale, but on the lower end of the bitterness. I'd say we have to segregate the West Coast Pale Ales as they bring the pain on the hops. A nice sweetness on the back of the tongue. High 3 star.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beering in Ontario: Waterloo Part 2

So after leaving the Lion, I caught up with one of the boys and Molly's Irish Pub. Molly's had a lot of space with your basic pool tables and Golden Tee in the back. How dudes get so fired up for Golden Tee I'll never understand. Anyway, no one was really there but the waitresses were pretty nice.

One of my many beering traditions is to order the hottest hot wings at a place along with the hoppiest beers. Well, I got one of the two. The hot wings with the SUICIDE hot sauce was just that. I thought I was going to die. You would need something like Hop Wallop or Hop Stoopid to handle these things, and all I had was some random pilsner they claimed was hoppy to them. My friend is from the Caribbean and ate the wings like they were simply boiled chicken. I can't even remember what the hell I was drinking, as if it mattered.

After that catastrophe, we slid over to a packed Ethel's Lounge. One reason: BIG ROCK TRADITIONAL.

Even a few years ago, I could get out the malt, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Just before I got into hard beering a couple years ago, I considered this beer to be one of the best I've ever had. Brewed out of Calgary, I had it every time I went to Calgary. (Note: Calgary is the Houston of Canada, right down to the rodeo). Ethel's had a grungier restaurant look to it, but lots of room, some random patio as well.

Big Rock Traditional
Malty, brown sugar nose. Oh yes. Brown-ruby color. The taste, slight malt, medium body and cinnamon. Low hops and pretty dry. Low 3 Star. Actually it was a little boring. I guess you can't go back to the farm once you've been to Paris.

I didn't bother getting the Grasshopper or anything else. Had to get ready for the drive to Toronto.

NFL Football! It's Back Finally

All the travelling on Wine Trails, jogging on the beach, and sampling $50 Belgian beer while enjoying gourmet mussels and pomme frites (posts coming soon) is OVER!

It's football time in HOUSTON! Write it down. Houston Texans beat New England, last game of the regular season to secure a BYE in the playoffs while knocking New England out of contention. Brady, we're coming for you. Oh wait, you gotta come to us! And once again, it's ON!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beering in Ontario: Waterloo


So after I cross the border and try some very pleasant session lagers at Niagara Best, I called up my friend from college and let him know I was on the way to the 'Loo. But before I made it out to Waterloo, I made a detour to St. Catherine's.

You talking about a pleasant little city with some good bars. I stopped here specifically to make it to Merchant Ale House. And they were CLOSED!!!! Who the hell closes a brewpub in the middle of the day? Whatever happened to the late lunch, the early beering. Any way, I decided to walk the street of St. Cath for a while then got back in the car to hit Waterloo.

First off, the drive on Queen Elizabeth's Way is SWEEEEEEEEET! Nice scenery and I counted 25 wineries all along the way.

So I made to Waterloo but my fried still had to work, so I drove around this city and found my way to the LION!

Lion Brewery and Restaurant was a set in an old castle like hotel smackdab on King street in downtown Waterloo. At first I thought I was in the wrong place as there was some sort of a cafe on the ground floor. I later learned the brewpub itself was in the downstairs area in what was probably the Dungeon. Compared to the bright clear day of central Ontario, this place was almost as dark as Lovejoys in Austin. NOBODY was there and I felt a little exposed, but whatever. Up to the bar for the flight...

Lion Lager
(By the way, I can't see sh8t, so no real appearance notes). A touch of toast amber with a subtle hop presence. Not bad. Low 3 Stars.

Lion Light
Probably should have tried this one first. Light body with very subtle malt and hops. There is a hint of sourness on the back of the palette. Somehow I'm able to see the lacy head. 2 Stars.

Huether's Premium Lager
A little gritty on the tongue and sour. Light and crisp aftertaste with high carbonation. 2 Stars.

Ontario, can I see you over here?
What the heck is up with these Premium beers. I'm sorry man but it seems like it's a big misnomer. Pretty much your most boring beers are called Premium. What the hell is up with that? Moving on.

Wuerzburger Lager
Bubbles still coming up as I look at it. Slight dark hue. It's a little smoother than the others with moderate body. I don't know what style to put it in. Low 3 Stars.

Adlys Ale
These flights are starting to run together. All I wrote down was Low 3 Star for a thick red ale.

Wheat Beer
Medium body with low banana and some orange, but it could be from the orange zest the put in it. Not bad.

Honey Brown
(I can tell I was getting a little tired as my reviews got shorter)
Moderate body with some honey and toast aftertaste. Low 3 Stars.

English Ale
Very sour and puckering. Full bodied with a little roast and a funky hop AT. Low 2 Stars.

Black and Tan
A mellowed out version of the English Ale. More like a Brown and Tan.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we're done. The bartender was pretty nice and we chatted about the beer for a while. I must say that this spot was very different than many brewpubs I've been to before. I think under the right circumstances (and a Canadian/English palette), this place could be on point. Especially with the Honey Brown and the Lion Lager.

Monday, August 3, 2009

MSNBC Controversy Over?

James Dgullsoch has written an article in response to the online beating he took on the MSN Money website after saying all beer tastes the same and idiots like me just try different styles of beer for the experience. If he just substituted "beer" for "women" he would... um, moving on.

Anyway, here's his article professing his guilt and trying to drum up support for a beer business of sorts. He went from saying all beer tastes the same to saying that we're a bunch of broke chumps.

Join me for a beer stock summit
Posted Jul 31 2009, 04:21 PM by James Dlugosch

Filed under: , ,
OK, beer nation. You commented, and I read every word.

In my post earlier this week regarding the testing of "beer in a box," I offended many by stating that "all beer tastes the same." I could not have been more erroneous.

All beer does not taste the same. I repeat: All beer does not taste the same.

I would have been much better served making my point by specifying that the big-name beers made by the large brewers taste the same -- and they do, as far as I am concerned. My mistake was suggesting that microbrews and varietals taste the same.

They do not, and for those words I was wrong and rightly chastised by the MSN community. For my penance, I am now hosting my own "Beer Summit" in an attempt to win back the graces of beer nation.

Since this is an investing blog, I want my beer summit to take a look at the beer industry from a public market perspective. While it may be true that the microbrewers craft a wonderful-tasting product, it's not so certain that they make money.

In fact, the only microbrewer to really make it as a publicly traded company is Boston Beer Company (SAM). Credited with the renaissance in small breweries, Boston Beer, maker of the Samuel Adams brand, has had to fight hard for its 1% market share since its founding in 1984.
Since the birth of Sam Adams, a large number of local breweries across the country have gone defunct. Fierce competition and very low margins require breweries to sell lots of beer in order to survive.

That's why the landscape is now dominated by a few very large brewers that have managed to gain economies of scale. Fortunately for consumers, very small or micro-breweries have filled the vacuum by those brands that have departed the scene.

As many of you noted, we are all the better for it. Even the big breweries have gotten in on the action by attempting to deceive the market with their own supposed handcrafted offerings.

Yes, you were right. Not all beers taste the same. What I wonder is if the market can support those true handcrafted labels that many of you mentioned on anything but a local level. Specifically, can they make money, or are we forever destined to the very large and the very small?

From an investment perspective, I see no reason to be excited about the prospects of a Molson Coors (TAP), but I can see the merits of owning a SAM. Clearly there is room for an upstart to grab market share even if that upstart has now reached middle age.
We'll learn more about SAM when the company releases earnings next week.
With so many of you having opinions about microbrews, I'd like to see you all choose your favorite names and comment here with more of that witty repartee. I'll make sure I do the same with my selection over the weekend.


More MSNBC Comments from the Beer Community

James Duglosh either better write an entire article proclaiming his apology, or he'll need to give a pound of flesh.

Here's some more comments from the beer community in response to this dude saying all beer tastes the same an beer lovers just like the experience of microbrews:

"I believe you may need to print a retraction. You obviously made a complete ass of yourself. Judging from the comments I am not alone. Tuck your tail between your legs and tell everyone you have no idea what you are talking about."

"Sam Adams Utopias, Pearl Light, same difference.

"i'm thinking msn should un-affiliate themselves from this idiot. this article is just absolutely ignorant and could you please try and be a little more condescending next time. you know not of which you speak and you are a tool. try a dopplebock, a belgian wit and a double ipa and tell me all beer tastes the same...i'm done wasting time on this fool..."

"How do you have your own blog? To say that all beer taste pretty much the same and those who get microbrews are just doing it for the experience is one of the most idiotic statements I have heard in a long time, including the President's most recent blunder. You deserve to be punished for that statement and drink beer-in-a-box for the rest of your natural life."

"What a moron. Tell me that a Belgian Trippel tastes the same as a light lager? If I was within earshot of anyone saying something like "Yeah, I drank a Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard, tastes pretty much the same as that PBR I had", I would walk right over, punch the guy in the face, then kick him while he is down. How in the hell does this dolt still have a job? Just further proof that the hardcore liberal mainstream media will make up "truths" "despite what microbrewers tell you" to suit their own means. What a lying sack of crap."

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beering in Ontario: Niagara

When we last left our hero, I was hanging around in Buffalo at my grandmother's place. Beautiful large house in Williamsville, NY which also happens to be home to a couple of great beer spots and an AWESOME grocery store with killer craft beer selection. I randomly picked up a good session beer that rarely goes wrong, an Amber Lager (Great Lakes).
I already had this trip through Ontario set up as I knew that I would be OD'ing on estrogen in Buffalo for too long. My grandmother, mother, sister, two female cousins, my daughter, and of course the women at the daycare center. Had I stayed there the whole week, I would have been so amped up on estrogen that as soon as I got back to Houston I would get a testosterone rush resulting in my buying a gun, smoked a box of cigars, and hit Richmond St. for some hard drinking and strip clubbing. Probably ending the night getting arrested in my own house while yelling RACISM!

So to guard against such risks, I got the heck out of there for a couple days to hang out with an old college buddy in Canadia. On the drive up to the border, I saw the beautiful Niagara Falls. Good thing it was great scenery b/c I was at the damn border crossing for damn near an hour. By the time I got to the border, the guard gave me the THIRD DEGREE with the questions. "What are you doing here? Did you make a reservation, what hotel? Where did you go to college? Why did you rent a truck?" And he was some swole lookin' white dude that's probably training for the UFC. I admit I was a little shook. Dude just caught me flat footed.

So after crossing the border with all casinos and whatnot, I set the GPS for Niagara's Best Brewery and Pub.

This place had a good kind of minimalist decor with little beer baskets of their brew for purchase. And Growlers. It was a little quiet as it was only 11:45AM. I sat outside and instantly realized that I did not bring a warm enough outfit. The area in Niagara, ON was nice and touristy. Everything just seemed cleaner than western New York. Imagine that. Ok, 10 beer flight.

Light Premium Lager
From what I know about Canadian beer, they love their lagers. Lemony and sour nose. Hazy old gold tint. Taste has a light bread and a hint of citrus hops. Moderate carbonation and drinkability. Not the worst light beer I've had. 2 Stars.

Logger Premium Lager
Funky malty smell comes after you give it a cocaine snorting sniff. Clear color. Taste has some toast and a bit more hops than the Light. Moderate body. It's not as crisp as the menu says but it has some icky hoppy aftertaste. High 2 Star.

Blonde Premium Ale
They love that "Premium" don't they. Clear gold color. Similar nose to the logger. The taste has a spiciness to it along with a decent grassy hop and light toast. Always love a good blonde (and the beer ain't bad either). 3 Stars.

Cascade Premium White Ale
Here I am thinking this will have some good ol' cascade hops and yet I get a spicy banana nose. Old gold cloudy colour. Beer has some random spice. As I keep sipping it, the spice turns more into a strong coriander and LOTS of orange peel. A little heavy on the spices, but it works though. 3 Stars.

I got the Mussels. Dammit I love mussels. And these one' are pretty salty. I actually like my mussels with a touch of sweetness to it. Of course some frites to round it out.

Drummond Dark Ale
Brown color with malty cinnamon nose. Lots of brown caramel malt in the flavor with *gasp* a touch of water on the second sip. It gets plainer the more I drink it. It could be the mussels, but 2 Stars.

Portage Premium Pale Ale
Malty/hop nose after hovers over the beer after some swirling. Amber color with a low white head. Moderate hops and malt. Very balanced beer but I've had stronger Blonde Pale Ales. Of course that usually means this is the English style pale ale. I guess the Queen does still hold some sway over Canada. Low 3 Stars.

Daredevil Red
Malty nose. Light malt and bread flavor. It's kinda plain again. It's a little boring, but red ale are always boring to me. I just don't see what the fuss is about Red ales. Maybe I just need to do a Red Ale tasting next time I'm at the Saucer. Wait a minute, the next time I'm at the Saucer is for the party for my PE License. Screw that. It's all Belgians. 2 Star for the balanced beer.

Pilsner Lager
Yeah I saved the pilsner until now. Turns out folk are putting a lot of strength in their pilsners these days and I was going in order of increasing IBUs. Malty and hoppy nose. Dark gold color. Strong-moderate hops and chewy mouthfeel that works well for me. Goes down smooth with lingering hop aftertaste. 3 Star.

Oatmeal Stout
Chocolate nose. Deep brown color. It has a burnt flavor to it. Maybe like overly cooked grains. Good coffee notes but no sweetness. Not bad but again just a little soft on what I like in my stouts. The oats must be giving it the full body. Low 3 Stars.

Bitter Ale
Bread/bitter nose. Copper hue. Nice bitterness just barely balanced by the malt. Last sip is a pleasant toastiness reminiscent of my beloved American ambers. 3 Stars.

Overall, this was a nice experience. The waitress seemed to really know her beer and she informed me they only opened two weeks prior. That's just fantastic. I look forward to getting with them again whenever I'm up this way. Turns out I may be back in Toronto next year. So I would love to see how they've progressed. Holla.

Have an Old Barackee Dark

For those of you who missed the clip when we posted it, Bill Mahr had a hilarious bit about the "Beer Summit" on the last Real Talk with Bill Mahr episode. YouTube has removed it because of copyright issues. Search Old Barackee on Google and you might just find it.

MSNBC, You're off the clock

The dude that wrote the article saying that "all beer tastes the same no matter what microbrewers tell you" just got put in this place. The beer community has converged and pimp slap James Duglosch for his blaspheming and he has since given up on his own comments. He now says he meant to say that big swill beer all tastes the same. DAMMIT! I didn't even get a chance to do my profane laden rants.

To date there are 69 pages worth of comments of people basically ripping this guy a new one.

What makes it so bad, this is probably the biggest amount of hits MSNBC has had online in a long time. There are more folk that read this blog than actually watch MSNBC. For fun, I'll just post some of the comments on this article: (These are so funny, I could read this all day)

"Dear James Dlugosch aka C.L.O.W.N.
Not all beer tastes the same. Next time you use your keyboard try not be drunk on strawberry wine. Thanks!
Concerned Citizen"

""all beer is pretty much the same"?
Mr. Dlugosch is a dolt."

"I hope this guy's butthole doesn't hurt from all the pwnage rammed up it. What a doofus moron... all beer tastes the same... HAH! I wonder what his opinion of Little Caesar's pizza is... "hey well, it all tastes the same, a dur a durrrr *mouthbreathe*." What high school do I have to drop out of to write articles for this site?"

"This guy got PAID to write this trash!?!?!?..........I gotta find me a virtual job like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Most of the beer in Nashville, for example, tastes the same. Although, even the south has come around in the last ten years or so. However, Portland or San Diego will blow your beer drinking mind. This guy is either on Coors payroll, or he wrote this to incite us. And wine in a box can be pretty decent. I buy Black Box cabernet and save my cash for Portland's world class beer."

"The Authors complete lack of knowledge on the subject is astounding! The sheer ignorance displayed here is truly flabbergasting. Does he think all wines taste the same? Or all food maybe? Does he know, I wonder, that beer has over 2000 flavor components, where wine has only 700? This is not an opinion, it is simply a fact.
That an author would write such an ill prepared and under researched article in a business section is staggering. He has totally lost all credibility, I simply wouldn't believe anything that he writes in the future. How embarrassing for him....
James, you should be ashamed, that was truly appalling work. "

" I agree with James. Roggenbier, India Pale Ale, Bitter, Barley Wine, Imperial Stout, Porter, Kriek, Gueuze, Dubbel, Tripel, Quadrupel, Saison, Biere de Garde, Weizenbock, Pilsner, Kolsch, Rauchbier, Sahti, Hefeweizen, Berliner Weisse, Gose, Dunkel, Scotch Ale, and California Common, among others, taste exactly the same.
Only the most perspicacious of individuals performing the most astounding of mental gymnastics could cut through the dense fog of microbrewery lies, exposing the fact that these styles merely denote the "experience" rather than flavor profiles. Kudos, dear sir!"

"i will stop reading msn news reports if idiotic statements like "all beers are the same" are promulgated by your "reporters". Please fire this reporter. He obviously cares little about the subject he reports upon."