Thursday, December 29, 2011

Infinium 2010

At long last I'm having some Infinium.

Beer log: right now
State: eating spaghetti, watching Luther

Infinium 2010
Amber and clear, big white head. Nose is lemony sour. Taste has a great jolly rancher sour and green apples thing going on. I'm even getting something like white grapes as well. The more I drink it I get something like a light smoke as well. The more I drink it, the more I like it. Not too dry and a quick end to the mouthfeel. Well put together, barely notice the 10% abv. 4 stars. The more it warms the more grain and cinnamon I get. Nice stuff from Sam Adams and Wiehenstephan.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hitachino Nest: Sake Aged Beer

Sitting here watching the Texans on the Thursday nighter against Indianapolis. We are winning as type this, but we are looking incredibly sloppy on offense. Need to get this ish straight in time for the playoffs. Anyway, I picked up this beer in Montgomery, AL back in Thanksgiving last year. Looking forward to seeing how this thing turned out after a year or so in the house.

Beer pours a caramel color with a nutty smell to it (no homo). Rather cloudy thick beer with a long lasting offwhite head. The taste is actually pretty flavorful, probably the most flavorful beer I've had from Japan. I'm getting something like a nougat and caramel flavor. Not bad, kind of a like a sweet amber with moderate bitterness. A good 45 seconds after I swallow the beer, I get a weird harsh bitterness out of nowhere. I'm hunting hard for that sake flavor but I think I'm getting it, but that could be power of suggestion. Otherwise, the beer is not bad and probably better fresh. I'll have to keep an eye out. Low 3 stars that goes up if I have it fresh. Well done for the Extra High Owls.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Grand Cru for the Grand Win

How bout them Houston Texans. One time for TJ Yates, Wade Phillips, Kubes, and the boys. So let's get a grand cru for the big win against the Dirty Birds.

Beer Log: Right now
State: Chilling out, voice and headache still recovering from the game, eating Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust

Pours a coco brown with a quickly dissipating head. The smell has roasted almonds and cherries. Taste is much the same, with plenty of caramel malt and something akin to oats (though a thin body). As it warms I get more of the hot alcohol and pepper. The beer seemed to congeal very well as it is complex yet very simple. More it warms I get that light roasty almond, something like bourbon, and low hop bitterness. Goes down very easy with its light carbonation, and if it wasn't for that alcohol coming out of it, you could accidentally drink a lot of this one. 4 stars.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beer that makes you Thirsty? Chipotle Porter

Beer Log: Right now
State: Watching some Ultimate Fighter, foot-dragging on decorating the tree

I always have a hesitation with pepper beers. I just don't get too jazzed about heat being in my throat (no homo) after drinking a beer. So this puppy actually stayed in our beer fridge for a couple years. Well here we go. Pour thick and smooth in my porter glass. Deep rich chocolate color and brown thick head. The nose has a great chocolate and coffee smell, but as it warms I'm getting something like pepper. The beer tastes just fine with the bitter chocolate powder, moderate roast, and moderate hops. Full bodied and low carbonation. I'm getting a little heat at the top of my throat that kicks up maybe 60 seconds after you drink the beer.

It's like as the beer residue and chocolate recedes, I'm left with hot pepper on my tongue and throat. Oh damn LSU is whippin up on the Dawgs! While I hate University(sic) of Georgia, I just don't want to hear everyone's mouth at the office when LSU goes to the BCS title game. Back to the beer, it feels like I drank some jalapeno juice and can feel it in my stomach. Otherwise, it works out very well. The pepper feeling does make me want to drink more, but just to kill that pepper. I guess that is just how Mikkeller gets down. Good for them. 3 stars.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Samichlaus Classic 2009 Vintage

Beer Log: Right now
State: Chilling out with the Misses watching The Soup

Got this one a couple years ago and aged it ever since. Been looking forward to this one for quite some time.

Ruby color and I can smell the malt and alcohol from here. Nose has lots of caramel, cherries. Oh that's a like the sweetest beer ever. Lots of brown sugar, some cherries, bourbon. I'm thinking purple grapes. Kind of reminds me of those sweet liquors you get the club. It goes down pretty easily as well. This is like the ultra doppelbock. I get some of the peppery alcohol as well on your breath. Dammit I need to get a house with a back porch so I can get some cigars with this puppy. 4 stars. Not bad for the boys from Schloss Eggenberg. Looking forward to trying some more of their beer in the future.