Monday, May 28, 2012

Sam Adams Longshot Memorial Day Beering

Well I just changed out the smoke detector in the most un-ergonomical place in the house.  And now I just changed out the toilet internals in the bedroom.  The wife is out getting some Saint Arnold Homefront IPA and some bison meat for the grill, so I'm going to take a break before going to the other toilet and the other smoke detector.

And what do you know, we have all this Sam Adams Longshot beer that we have not sampled or blogged about yet.  Somebody hit the music.

Sam Adams Fred Hessler. Derf's Secret Alt
For a while there a few years back I was really on the alt/dunkel kick.  I was slamming as much Boston Ale and Heineken Dark as I could handle.  Anyway, I've been big on pilsners and saisons (gotta love how one's tastes change), so let's see if this dude can bring me back to Alts.

Pours with a huge head in my Saint Arnold 16oz glass.  Nice deep brown color that allows a ruby light through it. The nose has a fantastic caramel and brown sugar thing.  Kind of reminds me like making sugar cookies but with brown sugar, which rocks btw.  Thicker than I thought it would be is the first sensation, but that quickly gives way to the FANTASTIC caramel, maple syrup and brown sugar flavor.  My mouth is left with sour dark cherry that I am just thrilled about as well.  Low hops and just utterly fantastic.  I have that great alt yeast affect in there, kind of like a bit of copper that just works perfectly.  I get ZERO alcohol in this thing, which is scary as I may just slam this thing in about 15 minutes.  5 stars all the way.

And later on...

I just got the other toilet finished and smoke alarm.  That checks off two big items on Remember the Milk and I'm ready for a Longshot

Sam Adams Five Crown Imperial Stout
Splitting this one with the wife.  Enjoying this in my Old New Orleans minigoblet.  Deep dark brown with a nice thin tan head.  The nose gives me a great dark malt, chocolate, and plum.  The taste has a nice chocolate and coffee, maybe some dried fruit.  I get a nice sourness as well in the middle of this beer.  Has a decent bitterness and a nice dryness in the finish.  Low 4 Stars.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

UFC 146 Beering

Going to be doing some serious beering here at the house while watching UFC 146: Heavyweights.

Rahr and Sons Winter Warmer
This bottle is maybe 3 years old.  Poured into a pint glass with a light carbo.  I first thought that it lost its carbonation and I needed to pour it out.  But rather it's pretty pleasant.  No nose but a nice light chocolate and cinnamon with a nice pinch of coffee.  Is extremely smooth and goes does very nicely.  I get a light sourness and whatnot, not sure if that's supposed to be there, but I'll take it.  Low 3 Stars.

I'm stuck with the baby tonight so I have to watch this on PPV at the house.  The wife came in early tonight, so hopefully she can sleep through it, because I'm going to be fired up.

I called it on twitter.  If Struve got this puppy to the ground, he would win this fight.  He damn near broke Big Lavar's arm.  I'm telling you, this entire pay per view will last 90 minutes.  I still didn't finish my Rahr and Sons.  Damn.  The blackfolk are down one already.  Just 1:05 into the first fight.

So Del Rosario got the elbow of death in the fight.  Ok, now it's time for the Overhand Right of my main man Big Country.  I need more beer.

Widmer Dark Saison
Nice brown color yet kind of clear.  Big light tan head.  I'm rooting for Big Country hard here.  Nice ginger snap cookie smell on this beer.  Light metal in this one, but otherwise a nice faint lemony zip and bready banana thing going on.  Feels good otherwise on the tongue.  Not quite at the level of the Independence Brewing Saisons, but I can give Widmer a pass as they don't have the same distance to travel as a brewery in Austin. Low 3 Stars.

Man I'm fired up all over the place.  KO from Big Country, KO from Dan Hardy, KO from Jamie Varner.  Call this one UFC 146: The Concussions.  This is absolutely fabulous.  I need another beer.

Lazy Magnolia Deep South
Hell yeah some quality Reb Ale.  Love the toasty amber ale.  love it more as a lager, but Lazy Mag bring the heat with this one.  Nice toasty malt with a moderate hops.  If I still lived in Mississippi, I would drink this beer everyday and twice on Sunday.  4 Stars.

And speaking of bringing the heat, Cain Velasquez just sent a message to tho the UFC heavyweight division.  He cut up and jacked up Big Foot like a simple gatekeeper.  This UFC is just awesome.  They are beating ass all night long.  And now on to the Main Event.

Game fight for Frank Mir, but Dos Santos was just a BAAAAAAAAAAAD matchup for Mir.  Great Second Round TKO.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Allagash, Ommegang, New Belgium, who you kicking out of the hot tub?

Had a great weekend beering it up for Cinco De Mayo.  Actually had some Victoria, Bud Light Lime, and Bud Light Platinum.  It was also a killer weekend for sports.  A horse called "I'll Have Another" won the Kentucky Derby.  At that time I was beering it up at Petrol Station while Drinking Made Easy was taping.  That was just awesome.  We had a great time watching UFC on Fox, with the big win for Big Lavar Johnson and Nate Diaz, not to mention Floyd Mayweather won his fight, while coming out to the ring with 50 Cent, Justin Bieber, Triple HHH, and a guy that looked like the Chinese Ambassador to the UN.  Ok enough jaw jacking...

Beer Log: April 12, 2012
State: A little Borgias, two sheets to the wind, a rough day at the office.

Allagash Victor 2009
Nothing like a aged Allagash.  Translucent amber with white lasting head.  The nose has a light appley sourness along with something like sweet grapes.  Taste is exactly the same as the scent at first, and it gives way to great light sour green grapes.  Low carbonation caps off a 4 star beer.

Beer Log: April 15, 2012
State: Starving at Petrol Station.
Dig Pale Ale by New Belgium
Had a heck of a time finding this one on Untappd.  Amber color and clear with a decent head.  Went straight to drinking this one an I got great hops and malt.  Clean flavor.  The beer has a lemony hops but very balanced.  I get a lemon hop aftertaste as well.  Love teh light nuttiness and caramel along with the hops.  4 Stars.

Beer Log: Right now
State: Mouth is dry, watching the Borgias with the Misses
Ommegang Adoration
Enjoying this one in a snifter.  Blood amber color with a frothy yet disappearing light rusty head. The nose has healthy notes of cinnamon, brown sugar, orange peel, and coriander.  A little Christmas in the summer time never hurt anybody.  The taste has a nice full caramel, brown sugar and cinnamon flavor up front.  This gives way to soft notes of orange and coriander.  Not overdone at all and a true testament to the professionalism of Ommegang.  This beer is just a great foil after all the summer madness we've been drinking.  It's tempting to break out the cigars, but screw that, this beer needs to be by itself.  Low to moderate carbonation with a light bitterness.  Very well done Ommegang.  Give me all 5 stars.