Thursday, December 17, 2009

So Much Beer, So Little Time

I'm sitting here in the Dentist's office while the wife gets some wisdom teeth pulled. Luckily I can hop on some random wireless network so I can blog about nothing in particular errr get some work done. We are doing pretty well right now I'm looking at my beertinerary for our upcoming trip to the Mid-Atlantic, and I am blown at how much opportunity we'll have.

First off we will fly out of Bush Intercontinental, so we can prep with some Heineken on draft. Not great, but we land in BWI and they have a slew of brewpubs and beer bars in the Baltimore/DC area. I don't care who your daddy is, we're going to Brickskeller in DC. They say it's the best beer bar in the city. Maybe I'll get my main man Obama to come have a beer with me. But I'm looking at hollering at Fell's Point once again in Baltimore and just wallow in the good beering.

Afterward we're taking a trip to Long Island for a wedding. While we're there, we'll be down the street from a meadery, and just a couple miles from places like Bobbique's for some good beering. Turns out a brewpub out there has Watermelon Wheat in a can from 21st Amendment. Almost worth the trip to find that beer.

After a couple more days back in Maryland, we hit up Lafayette, LA for another wedding. Probably just relax at Zea and party it up for New Year's Eve. And then we'll relax.

Um what else is going on. I've lost just over 4 lbs after getting back on Weight Watchers. Good stuff, but we're racking up on beer b/c I only have points for maybe one 12 oz a night.

I tried some Old New Orleans Cajun Spiced Rum. Had a LOT of alcohol in this one, but not enough to overpower all the random spices they threw in this thing. Formal review coming later. Holla.


Anonymous said...

brotha when are you gonna be at bobbique in ny . is the meadery you going on lincoln ave

The American Don said...

the wife and I plan on being at bobbique around lunchtime on December 26th. Well, more like 1PM.

The meadery is indeed Long Island Meadery on Lincoln Ave. If they let us, we'll probably load up on mead while we're there to give as late Christmas presents to our folks back in Maryland.

Anonymous said...

brotha im not sure if bobbique opens that early on a saturday but ill find out . theres a lot of good drinking places on that street. i know bobbique sells that watermelon beer but i found it flavorless .if you need more info let me know .

The American Don said...

Yeah, well it looks like now we may be snowed in. We both actually want to try Watermelon wheat. As fans of the Brewing network we almost have to try some 21st amendment beer.

Anonymous said...

i was there friday plenty of watermelon wheat in stock plus they had mad elf on tap . they open 3pm on saturdays . i know your from bbq country but there chicken wings are outstanding .i could not open the doors to get out today there was so much snow.

The American Don said...

Yeah, between my upbringing in North Carolina and living all over the Old Confedarcy my adult life, I look forward to trying some BBQ in New York.

Looking at the weather, not sure if the snow will throw the kiebash on this trip. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you're going to the Brickskeller in DC, you might also look to try out The Church Key. I hear good things from my DC-based friends and will be checking the place out in early January..


The American Don said...

This Church Key place looks awesome. Its rare I find a place with a limited menu with over half of the beers I've never heard of before. Definetly will be making a stop over there.