Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back on the Wagon, No Divine Reserve

Well, I'm back on the Weight Watchers wagon. For the 3 of you that have been reading this blog from Day 1, I started WW as a solidarity thing for the wife, who was trying to lose the poundage. After a few months I went from 245 pounds to 201 lbs of black man. A good year and some change later, I kinda stopped WW and just eyeballed it, which kept me around 206. For the last few months, I just let it rip, drinking all kinds of beer, eating lunch at Five Guys and Lupes, piling up the Apple Cobbler at lunch and the eggs and hash browns for breakfast. So now I'm sitting at 214 lbs butt-naked in the morning.

So I'm back on the wagon, and even training for the New Orleans Half Marathon. Hopes to run a full 'thon in October, probably domestic.

But here's what really sucks, I ONCE AGAIN HAVE NO DIVINE RESERVE THE DAY IT CAME OUT. This time, I was actually eating lunch on the road in between my engineering offices, and stole a quick trip to Specs at 529 and Barker-Cypress at about noon. They had nothing though they admitted they would have it some day. I ran up to HEB at B-C and 290 with no luck. I down some Quiznos and beat it back to Specs, no luck again. Got to get to work so I just chalked it up. The wife went to that same specs and said they had the beer at about 3:15PM, and then sold out in 15 minutes.

WHAT KIND OF ISH IS THAT? How is it that working people are able to beat-ass over to Specs JUST WHEN THE BEER COMES OFF THE TRUCK! I later learn that it's just good ol' twitter. I think twitter is just a conspiracy by law enforcement to know our whereabouts at all times, but I may have to pay attention to it for the next DR. You know what, screw that. I make enough money, I'm going for STRAIGHT BRIBERY next time. Maybe the wife will come through again. Who knows.


Lee said...

Surely you've got friends in h-town who will give you one of theirs. It is the giving season, after all. Seriously, you need some of this beer. It's amazing.

The American Don said...

Oh yeah, we're working the channels. I'll probably hit a bar if worst comes to worst.

Beer Of The Day said...

I weighed 245 once. When I was a sophomore in high school. Been at about 285 ever since. Of course, carrying all that weight while running track and playing football was a pain, so now I carry it all conveniently up front.

The American Don said...

Now that's the spirit! I tell you I was doing well at 245, but now that I'm down so much, it's kinda sucks to give it all back.

And I feel so weird not drinking beer while being around beer for this long. It's actually getting easier to refuse even free beer, like I did tonight. Scary.