Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Leaving Maryland

So I greatly enjoyed this trip to Maryland, although I did NOT get to Brickskeller AGAIN! I'm beginning to think this place does not exist. On the flight back I was hoping to hit Ram's Head or something in the airport, but we were rushed for time. Turns out I was spending 10 minutes rearranging my bags so that neither weighed more than 50lbs. Before Continental switched to the Star Alliance, you could pack as much as 70 lbs per bag with no fee if you were OnePass Elite. PERFECT for loading 'er up with local beer. So we barely made it without paying any extra.

Th flight really sucked, as I was stuck all day without any craft beer. They are charging $5 for like a 10oz can of Bud Light. I should just load up on those mini-bottles of Jack D and Bacardi before flights so I can get a buzz while on the plain. Also, I saw an elderly woman knitting a blanket while on the flight. I'm surprised they didn't shoot her on site when she tried to get through security. Some idiot Nigerian terrorist tried some crap in Detroit, so chances are we'll lose even MORE freedom, and you won't be to so much as scratch your nuts 1 hour before a flight lands. I'll take my damn chances and get some freedoms back. Including getting more beer.

We land and no beer was broken in my bag. Kinda glad b/c I need to wear that suit one more time. I'm pretty fired up about getting back out to the East Coast in June for our family reunion. Turns out we're taking a cruise out of B-More, which means we'll be back up that way, and dammit I'm coming in a day or so early just to beer it up in DC. No two ways about it. There ain't jack else I'm trying to do out there. We beered it up strong today and are looking forward to getting to Lafayette tomorrow. Holla

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Anonymous said...

Since you didn't get to Brickskellar, does this also mean that ChurchKey was out? If so, bummer. I hope to drop you a mini-review in a couple of weeks..