Monday, December 14, 2009

Mikkeller's Santa's Little Helper

State: Eating corn on the cob with Lagunitas Brown Suggah Burgers.
Beer Log: Right now

Mikkeller's Santa's Little Helper
The wife picked this one up today at Specs. Pours a dark brown color with a decent tan head. Nose is very citrusy hops, orange, and plenty of cinnamon with a handful of malt. This one makes you take a walk through flavor profiles. First you get the malt, then cinnamon, followed quickly by the strong citrusy hops, and wraps up with a belgian style sourness I do kinda like. No hint of the 10% alcohol. The wife says "if Anchor sets the standards, this blows away Anchor". I just love hot there is more orange character comes out as it warms. Probably a 5 star beer if cellared properly and allowing all those flavors to mellow out. Right now, a STRONG 4 Star beer. Very well done Mik, the Dogfish Head of Denmark.
Looking forward to trying the very single hop ipa's as well one day.

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