Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beering in Long Island: Bobbique

After we relax at the hotel and get changed for the wedding, we decide to squeeze in a trip to Bobbique. For one thing, we were going to a wedding with people from Kenya and what I think were West Indian. Basically we knew they would be late as all get out, and I didn't want to starve waiting them out.

So at Bobbique we walk in rather overdressed, but feeling right at home. Order a couple slices of pie and start a little beering with whatever's on draft. They had about 12 taps and maybe 60 beers, many of which I've never heard of. Awesome.

From memory, I got my hands on some Captain Lawrence's Freshchester. Very pleasant hoppy pale ale. Afterward, I got some Brooklyn Special Reserve: Backbreaker. The waitress couldn't tell me much about it but I surmised it was a light belgian pale ale due to the hint of sourness. Turns out it's an English pale ale that the brotha Garrett Oliver cracked the malts in himself in merry old England. Not a bad beer overall.

How we knew was the manager of the place, Eric, came by after we told the waitress we travel around beering it up. Very cool guy that hit us with the Yankee Brewnews and the Ale Street Newspaper. Even said we could go for half pints for whatevers on the bar. The brewmaster for Blue Point was there as well. Eric told us that we now have to go to a NY Mets game b/c Brooklyn Beer actually brews specific beers for the Mets that you can pretty much only get at the Mets game. The funny part is that the Mets suck so bad, that I shouldn't have any trouble getting tickets.

Back to Bobbique, we didn't get anything but desert, but we could clearly see the portions of the food, they are not playing around. The waitress we had could probably use a little help in tasting the beers on tap that day, as I think this place changes over taps damn near daily. Loved the atmosphere with the 50s rock and blues playing. Tons of bottles of beer everywhere. Eric told us of the best place to buy beer, but we didn't have the time. Maybe next time we're in the area, which I'm sure we'll do again.

Hold Up

Beer Log: Right Now

State: Polishing off a mug of homebrewed Apricot English Ale.

Sierra Nevada Estate

Grabbed this one at Specs on Jones Rd and 290. Ready to rock and roll on this one. Amber Sierra Nevada Copper color. White very lacy head. Cascady piney nose. Strong hoppiness but not overly bitter, if that makes sense. The hops is actually pretty grassy, probably due to the wet hopping. Very smooth and moderate Carbo. Another 4 star beer for Sierra Nevada, despite just not being perfectly balanced with the low malt. English ale smoothness and West Coast bitterness. 4 Stars. Even the wife likes it.


Bobbique is what we need more of in this country. Great location in a small town, great food, and with a varied tap that changes probably daily, it's just what the doctor ordered.


Anonymous said...

brotha glad you made it to bobbique . the waitress there no nothing about beer and you gotta watch there pours sometimes but your right the place gets new beer every week alot that the local beverages dont stock .the town of patchouge was a ghost town 10 years ago but now its rocking with great beer and food . i know you make some good dough brotha but you dont wanna pay the ny housing costs and taxs they charge up here .

The American Don said...

Oh yeah. The costs are serious out there.

One of the beers I got had no head on it, something that can get you shot in some beer places. I know one thing guys like is hot women and beer. They've got the hot women, just get them to some reading up online for beer and taste the new stuff whenever it comes in and bam. I think that's what the Saucer does.