Monday, December 21, 2009

Old New Orleans Rum: Cajun Spice

To continue, I'm expanding my alcohol consumption to now include rum. Living in the Gulf Coast and going to school in Florida, you can't really get away from rum. The whole sugar cane heritage is very real, and that tradition has maintained past the colonial era. A friend of mine highly suggested I try this micro-distillery called Old New Orleans Rum. Started out in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans and now calling my beloved Frenchmen Street home, Celebration Distillation now has what seems to be a nice following in the Crescent City. Since 1999, they've racked up the awards and even managed to keep the party going after Katrina with their most aged barrels sitting up the highest in the distillery.

I actually found all three of their brands in the Specs in Houston at Jones and 290. So why not cop all three. Word on the street, their Cajun Spice is their best brand, so I'm going for it right out the gate.

Beer Log: Right now
State: Just finished packing for the trip to B-More. Wife and baby are asleep finally. Watching Reno 911 reruns.

Old New Orleans Rum Cajun Spice
Clear amber colored liquor. Plenty of legs around my Hennessy goblet. The first swirl liberates too much alcohol masking what the second smell tells me syrup, cinnamon, and plenty of peppery alcohol. This one comes on strong with the sweet cinnaspice and pepper. I love how it all comes together with the sugar sweetness. I do the tequila tasting I learned on the Cazadores website where I take a sip, inhale through my mouth, and exhale through my nose, liberating even more cinnamon. This rum is KILLER. Very sweet, spicy, and at 80 proof will put some hair on your chest. Fantastic experience. 4 out of 5 um cane sticks.

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