Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rumming it up

Well I'm looking at expanding my paradigm into rum, and why not start 'em out with whatever the hell we have in the house. The wife is out of town in Canada and if she doesn't come back with some beer reviews, I'll know she's stepping out on me with some other dudes.

Beer Log: Right now

State: Sitting by the fireplace, listening to Toucher and Rich Podcasts.

First off, a few hours ago we hit Baker's Street Pub in Cinco Ranch. Very good Smithwicks. Funny how laying off beer will make even English ales taste malty.

First off, you gotta wonder why not just say it has "coconut" in the rum rather than coconut flavor? Anyway, this rum looks just like water save some increase in viscosity and lots of little legs. Nose has a nice strong coconut and syrupness to it, no alcohol. The first sip I get the taste of simple sugar, with coconut "flavor" all the way through it. No real alcohol burn to go along with all those legs. The second sip is just like the first, with maybe some alcohol burn in your tongue. Goes down very very smoothly, and hardly has any alcohol taste at all. Talk about great for getting your girl in college drunk. Amazing. 3 barrels out of 5.

Ron Maarten Virgin Island Superior Golden Rum

Seems like rum-folk have NO problem putting up very long names. This one looks like apple juice in the bottle. First sniff gives me a strong apple nose, followed by a chill that made it all the to my spine. I'm getting LOTS of alcohol burn in this sniff. The last one I could probably breath in a respirator. This stuff is working on your nose hairs. Taste is a strong strong alcohol burn. On this first sip, I don't think any of it even went down my throat in liquid form. I more or less breathed it in than drank it down. I had a lot of trouble picking out much of any flavor. I guess 80 Proof stuff will do that to you. A stronger sip this time gets me a touch of pepper, not unlike gin. 10 seconds later and my body still has that warmth shiver thing going on. Feels like I'm in the middle of Russia with some strong vodka. If someone told me this was gin, I'd probably believe them. If you are trying to prove your manhood at the party, shoot this stuff straight. Good luck getting your girl in college to drink this stuff. She'll smell it a mile away and run off to the football team. 2 out of 5 barrels.

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