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Get me Out of the House

Beer Log: December 24, 2007
Status: Tired of being in the house

My wife's mother's boyfriend and I were getting tired of being in the house, so we hops (heh) out the house and get to Max's Beer Bar in Baltimo'. Word is, Avon Barksdale is still locked up, and Marlo is happy staying on his side of town, so we could hit the streets in peace.

Although they have a shiteload of beers on the menu, I wanted to keep it local baby. I figure that the local beers will give more of a flavor of the drinking community of that locale.

Max's was a pretty cool spot, as it was right at Fell's point and they were open on Christmas Eve. I picked Max's as I noticed a slew of old taps in the window. Not to mention they had Shiner Bock on tap, though I hear many beer snobs can't stand anything from Shiner, TX.

All beer tasted in a regular pilsner glass.

Brewer's Art Ressurection (Abbey Style Dubbel):
Amber and cloudy, with light hops, light bitter, and smooth. Had some spice in there with medium malt flavor. I counted (yes counted) a 60 second finish. I was almost to Pale-Ale level, but not quite.

Southern Tier Choklat:
I've converted my Almost-stepfather-in-law to craft brew, so he copped this chocolate stout. I tried a little myself as it warmed up. Hard chocolate smell, with overpowering chocolate taste. Light hops and ubersmooth. Not something I would drink normally, as I'm not a fan of chocolate. But it was very cold outside, and this thing had maybe a 12% ABV, so good warming stuff.

Konings Ludwif Hefewiezen:
I gave it a break then grabbed this lemoney joint. Of course the dude put a durn lemon in it, so it will bias the palette a bit. This puppy was translucent, cloudy, and deep tan (as a good hefe can be). A white head to cap 'er off. I found this one to be thin, nice light body, with high carbonation and high acidity. I'm a little bigger fan of the witbiers than hefe's, but it was a nice change of pace.

Later on that night we go to the liqour store and grabbed a 6 pack of winter storm and some outmeal stout and went back to the crib.

Winter Storm (Heavy Seas):
Seasonal local stuff. There was an alcohol and cinnamon smell. Taste had medium hops, with a little bitter of the aftertaste. Another slug and I get the cinnamon spice smell, with a balance of malt. As it warmed up, it got an ale finish.

At this state I'm eating some Mashed Potatoes
Oatmeal Stout (by Sam Smith):
Faint mead smell, strong head, and uberdeep amber color. Smooth with light carbo, smoke test at the beginning and end of the palette. Good medium malts.

Enough drinking for one day. Coming back on the day after Christmas.

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