Sunday, December 13, 2009

Beering in Ontario: Pepperwood Bistro

I know I visited this brewpub in July and it is nearly 6 months. But honestly it could be six years from now and I wouldn't forget Pepperwood Bistro in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. After beering it up in Toronto, I started to make my way back to Buffalo and had this spot as a must-visit in my beertinerary. Maybe it was the weather, smackdab at 79 deg and sunny, right across the street from Lake Ontario. This touristy area of Burlington was like those fancy outdoor upscale malls. Took me forever to park, but it made up for it when I sat on the patio with my book. The outdoor patio just exuded class. I didn't even bother going inside.

Pepperwood Bistro is a brewpub that seems to make it's money on the fantastic food. I believe I had mussels yet again. But with 6 house brews and 15 others on draft, it works out well for a guy like me. Too bad they don't do samplers. So I had to just throw caution to the wind and try three beers. Anything more and I couldn't make the drive back to Buffalo.

Pale Ale

Wanted to see how hoppy they would dare to make this one being that we're in Canada and all. Bready grapefruit nose. Good bread with grapefruit hops on the flavor and aftertaste. I get somewhat moderate carbonation. It's not my cup of tea as the malt doesn't quite balance the hops. Low 3 Stars. I'm interested in how this one sells out there.

Monkey Brown

Deep brown color with a tan head. Nose is chocolate. Taste is surprisingly bland. Second slug gets me some chocolate and roasty flavors. Low carbonation and very smooth. Great beer for newbies. Low 3 Star.


Gold and hazy. Figured I'd switch it up with a fruit beer. Raspberry nose, smooth and bready with moderate raspberry taste. 3 Stars.

The fram is pretty good, but even better with the linguine Fruit Del Mar. One of the more tolerable I've had as it's not as sour.

Pretty obvious that although the beer was just okay, the entire experience was great. Food was even better, and the ambiance was fantastic. I can only imagine how they work it out when it's winter time and that lake effect comes in. But such a nice spot in the summer time. Fantastic.

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