Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hit me with another Avery

It's the December UFC event, which means it's time for Avery Old Jubilation. Whether they plan that or not, seems like every time I get some AOJ, on the same weekend as a UFC.

So the wife was beering it up in Calgary and I dropped the baby off at my cousin's house to enjoy a nice visit to ye olde Flying Saucer. And nice to know that Avery was not going to disappoint.

Beer Log: December 11, 2009
State: Chilling out at the Saucer

Avery DuganA
So nice to be back at the old Saucer. Only 93 beers to go before. Not to be confused with the acid trip like cartoons of Tex Avery, Adam Avery seems to believe the world does not have enough imperial style beers. And my 2008 Brewery of the year did not let me down. No clue what type of beer this was when it showed up to the table, but it had a strong malty and piney/grapefruit hoppy nose. Seemed like I got a touch of cherries in there as well. Dark copper color with a thin white head. Could be the bartender just didn't give me any head on this one (no homo). Taste is a syrupy earthy malt with a strong balanced piney hops. Aftertaste is hoppy as well. Very strong all around. 4 Stars. Fantastic big beer once again. Double IPA style. Doesn't hurt that that label is HOT!

Avery Old Jubilation
Had this one last year almost to the day. Last time I got a lot of alcohol and plum. This time, I got more malt, chocolate, and smooth low carbonation. Not as raisiny. Could be last time it was in the house in the bottle, and this time it's on tap at the bar. Dark brown with a tan lac head. Moderate to high hops for good balance. 3 Stars this time.

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