Friday, September 11, 2009


Just like last time, I did NOT get Divine Reserve the day it came out.

Yesterday (DR Day):
I get a WICKED fever and coughing bout at the job yesterday (honestly I did), and I asked the bossman to work from home and he granted my request. On the way back home I do stop off and lay in the car with the heat on HIGH (85 deg outside at the time) while I wait for my favorite Specs liquor store to open. They open and they have no DR. I drag myself up to the HEB at Barker-Cypress and they don't have it.

I am half dead at this point, so I go home, get under the blanket, and sweat about 5 lbs out of my system. Somehow I was Dayquiled up enough to keep my engagement that night to see the FAMU and Georgia Tech games at Buffalo Wild wings. I did kinda set it up and kept the ice water going to keep the old temperature down as FAMU and GT won their games.

My wife had the day off today and she decided to run by the same HEB. Lo and behold they got their shipment a day late and she picked up two six packs. She called me while I was in a meeting. I am SO proud of her! Name me a man who has a better wife than my Isos? I was stuck in a ditch, my tires spinnin, and Isos came with a truck and saved me.

Right now I am still kinda sick, and am popping Halls like Ecstasy pills. I tried to cure myself with some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and that just made my cough worse, had to pour it out. The Halls seems to be keeping me under control as I was coughing to the point where my spine hurt. Could be the Swine, but I kicked it last year so whatever. The wife is hanging out with her friends and her new boyfriend watching the new Tyler Perry movie. She deserves it. We'll actually try DR first tomorrow night at the Saint Arnold beer tasting at the Alamo Drafthouse so the review is coming soon.

If you are keeping score at home, I owe you all a slew of reviews from my trip to Toronto. My beer notebook is at a friend's house, so hopefully I'll get it back Sunday. Also, we are still on track to go to Amsterdam and Oktoberfest (Munich) later on this month. I swear to Saint Arnold himself, I DON'T CARE IF I HAVE TO TAKE AN IV ON THE PLANE, I'm going on this trip baby. Holla.


Lee said...

Dumped out a Sierra Nevada? Damn, that IS sick. Rest up, dude.

The American Don said...

yeah man. I'm taking a day or two off from any alcohol. Bad thing is I just bought some Tequila Cazadores aged in American Oak Barrels about which I planned on blogging. Just gotta take it easy for a couple days.