Friday, February 27, 2009

A couple of Pale Ales

Though I'm getting more into IPA's these days, the Misses has been picking up some regular Pale Ales, probably trying to keep me from buying so many harshly hopped beers. As if...

Beer Log: January 6, 2009

Sam Adams Pale Ale
Didn't know these dudes made a Pale Ale. Then again, Sam Adams seems like the Wizard of Oz movie. The more you look at it, you always find something you never noticed before. Certainly glad S-A is bringing craft beers out to the forefront, especially considering all the mega breweries are not American owned.

Crystal clear and straw color. Nose is light malt and breadiness, with a little citrus fighting to come out. Light to medium bread flavor, and a light to medium body. It leaves my tongue feeling very tingly, yet a little musty/citrus hop thing remains. It's an English Pale Ale and there just is not much there. Which probably means it's true to style. 2 Star.

Full Nelson Virginia Pale Ale
(eating some cajun tilapia). Whenever I eat spicy food I must have a Pale Ale, and this one from Blue Mountain didn't seem to disappoint. Clear with a UT burnt orange color. The nose is a strong citrus and bitter hops. The taste is bready at first, then a moderate pale ale kinda hops. It's a kind of citrus hop, but not bitter per say. Thing body and moderate to high carbonation. Some issues with drinkability for me, but good. Just a little unbalanced on the hop side. I will not that it tastes much more balanced with the cajun spice. 3 Star.

One thing I've noticed about myself is that ever since I started homebrewing and trying all these various hops in warm water (a hop tea), I know that I basically don't want a hop tea. Assuming you have the money, I imagine anybody could just thrown in tons of hops and call it good, but I'm more partial to balance with the malt these days. Seems like it takes a little more skill and planning to brew a balanced hop bomb. That's probably why I bought so many IPAs and Double IPAs last time I was at Specs. Looking for that "Boom Goes the Dynamite" beer, but has the balance.

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