Sunday, February 22, 2009

Live Blogging: The Cider Brotha?

Well I'm supposed to be studying for the PE exam, but I feel like taking a break. As I cannot find my beer notebook right now to get some more of the old posts on here, I just figure I'll try something new. We bought this Woodchuck Draft Cider some time ago as one of the boys doesn't like beer but loves this cider. We were at the Saucer and I put him on to it as he pretty much refused to try a beer, damn shame. Anyway, he liked it so much he got a case of it and has it at his house at all times. I never tried the stuff myself, so here we go...

Beer Log: Right now
State: Full, should be studying

Woodchuck Draft Cider Granny Smith
I have no clue what glass this should go in, so I'll use the basic Barack Obama pint glass. I get the feeling I'll be able to get the smell off of this cider without a cupped glass. Yup, I open the green clear bottle and already got that sour apple smell. This stuff is CRYSTAL clear, like a tinged water. The fizz goes away fast even with a quick rough pour. A subtle sour apple smell. OMG. Tastes pretty sour with sour apple. I guess I should have told you I don't care for sour apples. It has a low carbonation yet kinda rough of on the drinkability. Kinda gotta fight to get it down. Maybe a little filmy apple aftertaste. Light-medium body. I have a slight sensation going on in my sinuses that feels like I'm tearing up. So emotional. You know what, that's what I get for now studying. For the Smirnoff Ice drinkers, they probably look at this as manna from the gawds. For a beerman like me (who will get half a glass of homebrew IPA to get the flavor out of my mouth after I finish the glass), it's firmly in the 1 Star realm. I still have a ways to go on the sour beer to begin with, but sour apple just ain't happenin. It's a little better the more I get used to it, and I won't have any trouble finishing it. Back to work...

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