Monday, February 16, 2009

Oregon Beer Tax Hike

Is Oregon being run by Mayor Bill White of Houston? A 1900% tax increase on beer? Like Bill Cosby says: COME ON, PEOPLE! And look at the picture of the guy sponsoring the bill, he looks like he's on that Michael Phelps Weed. He should be on our side. Maybe he should be looking their policy on Mary Jane and leave Widmer alone.

With this kind of tax, maybe the Houston Texans games will finally have some craft beers from *gasp* TEXAS on tap in the concession stands. For some reason , we have the standard Bud Light and Miller Lite, but we have three craft beers from Widmer/Redhook. I'm glad we have better beer options, but I was a little upset we had to go all the way to Oregon to get it and let the Texans know as much in their season ticket surveys which I'm sure they read. At least I was upset until they brought in the Drop Top Amber, that stuff is the bomb, as the kids say.

Hopefully Oregonians can talk down this tax to something a little more in line with rest of the country. Or do the Newt Gingrich thing and cut it even further, which may prompt people to make/buy more beer, which may net you more money in the tax coffers, which is what you wanted in the first place.

Here's to hoping Oregon can get me that Drop Top Amber at a halfway decent price, and hoping this law proposal does not spread to other States!

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Bill said...

You think Rep. Cannon was smoking something when he gave himself that haircut?