Friday, February 20, 2009

Let's See what this woman's talking about...

Beer Log: February 20, 2009, Right now
State: Full, just put baby to sleep, watching Real Sports on DVR

Man, that Tonya Harding has put on a couple Ell Bee Esses since the old days. And here she is holding up a Channel Catfish, probably the most disgusting creature on God's Green Earth. Anyway, the ol' ball and chain bought a shyteload of beer while I was offshore (lucky, I know), and she got a lot of Sam Adams. She swears that the Sam Adams Brown Ale is fantastic. I've heard talk that the Boston Lager is basically a brown ale recipe brewed with lager yeast and methods. So who knows what their actual Brown Ale is talking about...

Sam Adams Brown Ale
Damned if that don't look and smell like the Boston Lager, just a touch fruitier and toastier. On second thought, the hop smell in there reminds me of the Boston Ale. A little high on the carbo, but has a nice maltiness all over the tongue. It has some sourness on the flavor, not sure if that's supposed to be there. It's not bad man, nice maltiness to it like a brown ale should. I'm a little partial these days to the bigger flavor beers, like the Indian Nut Brown by Dogfish or Real Ale's Brown Ale. It seems to get a little better as it warms up.

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