Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dump Bucket? The NERVE!

I am offshore right now, and have my beer book, and hope to do some blogging sometime in the week. I've got so many posts to do it's embarrassing. I'm sitting here looking through some drawings and I decided to torture myself and listen to Craft Beer Radio Podcast. I used to listen to these guys all the time on my Ipod, but after I discovered the Brewing Network and I started getting better at tasting beer and learned a bit more, these guys just kind of bored me.

If nothing else,there's a lot of dead air when they are gulping down the beers. It's not quite Jim Rome dead air, but maybe Colin Cowherd dead air.

Anyway, I'm listening to one of their Imperial Stout shows, and they mentioned that they now have a dump bucket. Two seconds later I hear them DUMPING THE F'N BEER IN THE BUCKET TO SAVE SOBRIETY. What kind of bullshit is that? And it wasn't like they were dumping Bud Light Lime, but it was fricken Russian Imperial Stouts that listeners sent to them! They do the tasting and whatnot, then dump the rest. What is this, Sonoma Valley? You want some wheat thin crackers sir?

I'm sorry, but there has got to be a Man Law violation somewhere in there. If you have beer in a glass, you drink ALL THE BEER IN THAT GLASS. I don't care if it's a 1 oz taster or one of those yardlong plastic bottles you get a Mardi Gras. I feel like my ears are on fire hearing this mess. If you're so worried about sobriety, just split one bottle. I've seen people get their ass chewed out by a whole bar for ACCIDENTALLY spilling a beer.

They are going on to say that they have 6 RIS's lined up and another show to do that day, Like I give a damn! Beer is meant to drunk/drank/drunken whatever. I've reviewed many a beer and the whole looking, smelling, and sipping takes all of 2 minutes FLAT. After that, IT'S BOSS TIME! If something changes as it warms or I get used to it, I'll let you know.

These cats should have not only their Beer Connoisseur license brought before the Board, but I'm going to need the Man Law PD to holla at them. A dump bucket! The nerve.


Brian Yaeger said...

Since the studio doubles as a home base, I'll give you this. However, if a beer sucks, there's no real use in finishing it just for the alcohol. That's what 151 is for. Also, I've been at events where they pour lots of different high-alcohol beers and if it's a choice between getting home safely or finishing the glass just to avoid violating a Man Law, I know which PD I'd rather face down.

The American Don said...

Indeed. If you have to drive, you need to itznay the heavy drinking altogether and sip something that won't have you wrapped around a tree or worse.

RunawayJim said...

Do you think professional tasters drink the entire bottle? There's a reason for dumping a beer. If you're tasting a bunch of beers in a sitting, you don't want to get drunk, especially when they're high alcohol. You also don't want to get palate fatigue, or you'll end up not fully appreciating the next beers.

Sure, it's their home base, but what's the problem with dumping a beer?

Greg said...

I'm plenty happy to violate arbitrary "man laws" on the show, especially since that whole concept comes from insipid mega-brew advertising anyway.

As noted, when the show finishes, I have a half an hour drive home (at least) and as accommodating as Jeff is, there's always an innate desire to retire to one's cave after a night of drinking. (Or, as the case was that night, Indian food, which works just as well.)

And frankly, as I've said on the show, I really don't like being drunk. Don't get me wrong, a nice little buzz is fine but I feel awful when it gets above that, headachey and sick and nauseous.

As you've stated, we're not like other shows. And you no longer like our show, which is fine. But to question us for having the gall to not be social misfits? I have to say I find such eager embracing of buffoonery more than a little childish.