Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yes, I'm Still Sampling Christmas Beer

I mean come on! It is already MARCH for crying out loud. Screw Oktoberfest, I think every ragtag brewery on the planet has about 4 Christmas beers. The bocks are coming out and I still have two more beers of the season in my kegerator. Let's just get to it then

Beer Log: Right now

State: Watching boxing, relaxing

Finally getting through the four Christmas beers a friend sent from England. This one...

Criminally Bad Elf

In my wine goblet it has a clear copper appearance with a kinda weak white head. The nose is very fruity and plumy, like alcohol. I just swirled it, then put in on the ground, and 30 seconds later the smell still lingers in the air. Nice. It's Boss time. Very nice sweet flavor, not just caramel malt. English Barleywine that is very smooth yet a touch higher in the carbonation. You got to love these little stories on these. There is a noticeable alcohol (10% ABV) in the mouthfeel. Medium body but very velvety. Not bad at all. Not the best BV or Christmas beer, but my favorite of Ridgeway Brewers. Just love those titles. I would say that if we cellared this for a few months or even a couple years, it would do well. We'll let it warm up a touch as our fridge is set at 43F right now. Still good for me as it warms. 3 stars.

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