Friday, February 27, 2009

Clearing out the Old Notebook

Going to have a few friends over for some drinks and need to clear out some things in the old notebook.

Beer Log: January 3, 2009
State; Chillin at the house

The wife did a couple of beer trades on and managed getting some beer from Virginia. Although we've been to Maryland many times, I've never seen these beers. This amber pours like a brown ale with a crayon brown yet clear color. Light tan head has a some strength to it and some lace. It smells like something roasted, like an english muffin, and I'm getting some corn and citrus. It tastes a little bready with a medium hop presence. Goes down very smooth wtih low carbonation and quick finish. Good session beer. Low 3 Star. Kinda reminds me of Budweiser American Ale.

Eating steak with garlic spinach and cilantro rice. Wife was throwing down that night. #1 smells sweet, kinda maltay and bananay. It has a nice cloudy gold color with a strong poofy white head. Taste has a nice light sweetness and banana. A light noticeable hop lurking in the background. Not getting much ethanol in there right now though it has a high ABV. It's rather smooth yet with high carbonation. As it warms up I'm getting anice fruitiness coming out of it. Low 4 Stars.

Beer Log January 4, 2009

State: wolfing down spaghetti

Finally getting on to these English Christmas beers a good friend gave me for Christmas. What's sad is that I still have another 2 Christmas beers to try, an it is almost March.

Straw gold color that's pretty clear. White descent head. It smells like sugar and candy. The taste is a light malt, bread, and sugar sweetness. It's moderately drinkable with high carboatnion. There is some moderate bitterness in the aftertaste, but not bitter tasting overall. Pretty smooth with it's thin body. But these English beers just aren't getting it for me this season. 3 Star.

Switching it up to this beer I picked up in Hot'lanta from the ABC. Deep brown color and opaque. Strong tan head that liberates a chocolate malt scent. Slugging it down reveals a good strong chocolate malt, and the beer is rather fullbodied and smooth, thanks to the oatmeal I imagine. Moderate carbonation. It's leaving some grit on my tongue along with a little tingle. Otherwise a quick finish. No rating right now. I'll give it another go later on.

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