Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halftime, some half bottles

It's halftime with the FAMU game online. Tough defensive game. FAMU 7, Morgan State 10.
Since it's halftime, why split a couple of bottles with the wife. Nothing better than Magic Hat. I figured I should test myself with the beer styles, as they say Magic Hat does not suscribe to your beer styles.

Not sure what this is. I could look it up, but screw that. Good malty/chocolatey smell coming out of this one. A little syrupy like some dunkels I've had in the past. Medium to dark brown color with a light tan strong head. Oh yeah. Tastes of syrup sweetness at first, and then a quick rush of chocolate. Light to medium body, but with a nice smoothness to it. Excellent drinkability. I am thinking this is a dunkelweissen or something like that.

Beer advocate has this down as a Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy. I can see that now, although I have not had this style all that much. But this one is very good. No alcohol taste, but maybe some scotch/bourbon thing going on as opposed to the maple syrup. And at 6.9% ABV, it is a wee heavy. It's still pretty fulfilling as I keep drinking it down and get used to it all.

High 3 Star beer out of 5 stars.

#9 (not quite a pale ale)
I expected something that was pitch black, but this one looks like a Budweiser that is just a touch cloudy. I'm smelling cherry coming off of the white poofy head. The first taste I get is a noticeable cherry, followed by some emptiness (water) and then a bready aftertaste. The hops are VERY low. What in the blue hell are they doing here. This is certainly a fruit beer. It reminds me of the Carolina Blonde with Blueberry I had back in Charlotte. This one has low carbonation and excellent drinkability. I could chug it down all day. As it warms up, I am switching the taste from cherry to our old friend APRICOT. 3 stars.

I gotta keep working on it with this beer tasting. Magic Hat is throwing me for a bit of a loop. That and I'm still slightly hungover from last night. Lots of homebrew drinking with the neighbors for Halloween. Another half-bottle blind taste test should help later on.

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