Thursday, November 13, 2008


State: not eating anything, just chillin watching Shep Smiff
Beer log: about a week ago

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
Dimpled glass. Smells malty and has the thin musty piney hop smell of maybe Sterling, like the 2 Deg Below. Strong poofy head, darker amber color. Oh yeah. It tastes like their Pale Ale with that strong malt up front, but with a Sterling hoppish thing in the middle, but a Cascade hop aftertaste. I imagine they put the Cascade early in the boil b/c you can't smell it, but put this other hop just before fermenting or even dry hopping. The maltiness is not as existent the more I drink it, and I'm left with this Cascade aftertaste that ain't goin nowhere, as in it's 5 minutes later and I'm still tasting hops

Looked on their website, and turns out this one was Chinook. I got the finishing hop right, but the also added Centennial.

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