Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Live Blogging: Swine My Brotha?

Sitting here watching the Houston Dynamo in the CONCACAF. We just got the goal and the wife cracked open the Avery Hog Heaven Barley wine which we've had in the fridge for a while.

Avery Hog Heaven

Pouring this in my Hennessey Cognac glass. Low orangeish white head that barely survived the trip to the laptop. Smells rather citrusy with a hint of caramel maltiness fighting to make its way to your nose. A sip of it and it tastes very sweet with high carbo. The malt comes in about 2/3 of the way back to the palette. It's similar to their IPA on Cask I had at the Sauce the other day. So let's just call it an American Barley wine. The hops seem to take more precedence than the sweetness, just barely. Well we just took it out of the fridge, so let me give the baby a bath, and try a bit more.

And we're back. Still tastes about the same. I want to say this one is 4 stars, but it's missing something. I think we could go for a stronger hop presence to balance out the malt if that's what you're going for. I also think this could do with some aging. The different flavors just seemed... separated, to me. I had another glass and I'm barely holding on through the Dynamo game as this is 9% abv. Dynamo got the win and are moving on in the Champions League in the CONCACAF. We also have a Carolina-Notre Dame game tonight in basketball. I've been a Tarheels b-ball fan since I was 9 years old. Nice beer for Avery once again. High 3 star, probably 4-5 if we bought some and let it age.

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