Sunday, November 23, 2008

Screw You guys, I'm getting another Beer

The Texans are up by 10 with 3 minutes to go in the game, which means Sage is gonna be throwing those interceptions hard and heavy. I'm up for another Christmas beer and this time it's St. Arnold's. The wife says I've had this one and didn't care too much for it. Well, I don't remember that, so let's try it again.

St. Arnold's Christmas
Pours Brown and clear with a nice poofy/bubbly head. It smells kind of like honey and sweet like with cinnamon and malt, eerily like the Full Sail Wassail. Very nice full body with a strong malt backbone. Very little hops to speak off, but plenty of apple pie like ingredients, like brown sugar and cinnamon. This may be a touch on the metallic side, but that's okay. This thick brew is what I would think of for a winter/Christmas beer. Very filling, high alcohol, spicy and very malty. I'm giving it a 3 star but it could rank very high on my Christmas beers. Then again, we just picked up a variety pack of Sam Adams Winter beers. Uh oh.

Texans just GOT an interception against the Browns, and now we're running the ball down to the 4 yard line. The Browns fans are leaving the stadium. Houston is the most sad sack road team in the NFL, and things are looking good. I just wish I started Tyler Thigpen on my fantasy team, KC who put up 24 points on Buffalo and still counting. I need this win to make the playoffs. But I also have Philip Rivers starting this afternoon, so hopefully it works out. He's got to show up and show out as the opposition has Trent Edward of Buffalo, who has 3 TDs on the day as the Bills put up 47 points on the Chefs. Texans down the ball, and HOUSTON WIN HOUSTON WIN HOUSTON WIN! Rock and Roll.

I'm looking forward to restarting my tailgating beers series for the Monday Night game we have in a couple weeks. It's my MNF. I did not make it to the games I thought I would this year. I gave up my tickets a couple times as I was offshore, and I gave up tickets at least once if not twice b/c the Texans are so godawful I just couldn't watch it. And the games we did go to, nobody was tailgating. But we will be out in force for Monday night. The beers will have to change from summer beers to good beers for the winter. I'm thinking of something darker like Guiness. I may even throw in sweeter lagers like Negra Modelo. Go Texans. Dammit Trent Edwards just got ANOTHER Touchdown. Philip Rivers better show is naked ass in the game this afternoon against Indy.

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