Monday, November 3, 2008

More Michelob

First off, my wife just sent me an email where some dude on the Sunday Session was all fired up about Michelob's Dunkelweisen. My main man Larry about the Specs also said that their DW was awesome. We almost picked up a sixer, but decided on some Brooklyns instead. But in the mean time, I went ahead cracked open their Irish Red I had left over from Dontoberfest.

Michelob Irish Red

Crimson color with a tan head. Smells of good caramel malt and almost brown sugary. The beer is empty at the back, yet malty at the front that hits and leaves. A little metallic, but low carbonation and good drinkability. After some fajita style chicken (cooked in my homebrew pale ale), I got the maple syrup hing going. Maybe a slight sourness and hops at the back of the palette as it warms up. It manages to stay sweet after I dous the chicken in some Honey BBQ sauce. One of the better Irish Reds I've ever had. 3 Stars still.

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