Wednesday, November 26, 2008

MIA Happy Hour at Fox and Hounds

A ye olde Fox and Hounds in Houston Texas. We set up our investment club happy hour there on November 14. The place is a pretty popular bar with pretty good bar food as well. You have a decent (say 20) selection of craft beer on bottle and tap, but not the overwhelming amount like a true beer bar. The waiter knew his beer (very important) as he nailed the styles of beer that I had, in that he compared them to other more popular beers when I asked. Bring some extra bills if you want to hit the pool table, but it is a great place to to hang out and watch the game on lord knows how many monster screen TVs.

Beer Log: November 14, 2008

State: Full, watching football

Red Fox Amber

Don't even know who makes this (Googling reveals its an Anheuser-Busch beer).

It's kinda clear with a red-strawish color. Just a little caramel malty on the nose. But whoa there is a rush of hops when you first taste it. Looking beyond the hops, it's pretty grassy and a little metallic. There is a long bitter bite in the aftertaste from say Centennial hops? Some of the cinnamon sweetness is there in the middle of the palette as it warms and you get used to the hops and high carbonation. Like the waiter said, it's a hoppy version of Killians Irish Red. I give it a 3 star though I'm not a big fan of Irish red beers.

I would like to see A-B push this one more to the forefront, but they are probably just trying to scavenge the "Amber beer drinkers of Houston" market share from St. Arnolds Amber. The A-B brewery in Houston also does the same shit with Zeigenbock that they brewed to steal market share from Shiner Bock. That Zeigenbock is very dissappointing. Why you gotta try to jump in the market of the local guys? You are satisfied with your fizzy 2 star beers that everyone drinks anyway. Then again I can't blame them as I'm a capitalist myself. You don't get to where you are by being satisfied, or letting the small guys take bites out of your market share. Oh well. Good thing the suits at A-B never let their brewers brew a big beer with lots of flavor, even their craft beer. I may have to do a series on Big Brewers' craft beer.

Belhaven St. Andrews

Sticking with the Irish style. Smells like chocolate and butter. Brownish color with a creamy head. The taste is a little sweet and a little bitter, like chocolate. There is some bitterness at the AT. Not bad medium bodied English style beer. Low 3 Star.

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