Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's a Breckenridge Christmas

Beer Log: Yesterday
State: Lollygagging around the house

Breckenridge Christmas

No clue the type of beer this is. Let us test knowledge after say 11 months of beer reviewing. Brown copper color that turns ruby in the light. not much of a head, but I'm getting some slight cinnamon and butter on the nose. the low head is maybe tan colored. Tastes pretty basic, yet good. I get some light malt, medium body, and a subtle hop presence as an AT. The more I drink it, the more I can get some spiciness and with a smidgen of smoke malt. The carbo is kind high, though not as high as your hefes and whatnot. I like that slight hint of alcohol as well. It's kind of like a basic Christmas brown ale, just with everything a little more subtle and a little more balanced. It's body lends itself to massive imbibing if you're not too careful. 3-4 stars.

Maybe it's because GA Tech (grad school) just whooped up on the Georgia Dawgs (wife's grad school), but I am digging this beer right now. I could also see how one could find it kinda boring as well.

Beer Advocate has it down as a Winter Warmer, but as they put "Christmas" on the label means I will rank it with the Christmas beers.

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