Sunday, November 23, 2008

Screw that I'm getting a beer

I'm sitting here watching a Don Bowl game (Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns). I'm still fired up about the FAMU over BCU yesterday. Good stuff whipping those Wildcats. We have an OUTSIDE chance of getting into the playoffs, but with all the recent exposure (see below) our school as had, they could give us a 16 seed. I just had a slice of apple pie, but have about 15 WW points left for today. I'm getting a christmas beer.

Date: RIGHT NOW (11/23/2009)
State: Just had a bland slice of dutch apple pie, chillin before I do some work

Full Sail Wassail
Deep opaque brown color. Light brown head. Smells of cinnamon, citrus, and maybe light scotch, probably some plum in there as well but I don't really eat plums all that much. The nose is almost cidery. The head is strong at first but goes a little quick for me in this wine goblet. I'm drinking it ice cold, but I imagine this is meant to be enjoyed warmer. Not much going on the front of the palette. A nice malt makes its appearance in the middle of my tongue with a hop bitterness in a somewhat lingering aftertaste. I imagine this is a brown ale, yet I can taste some notes of maybe bourbon, cinnamon, and perhaps some raisin. The carbonation is about medium (a champagne would be high for me). The more I drink it, the less I'm getting the hops.

The source of all human knowledge says that wassail is actually a style of drink itself. Good stuff, nothing like falling upon new styles. But with this name, I will count it as a Christmas beer in my rankings of Christmas beer at the end of the season.


Lee said...

Yeah, with pretty much all of these winter beers, they need to be consumed a bit warm. I'll usually let them warm a good 10-15 minutes before I pour. I absolutely love the Full Sail Wassail.

The American Don said...

agreed. My wife is known for leaving a barleywine and christmas beers out for HOURS. One could argue that there is no point in even chilling it down in the first place. One of the little things I like to do is drink these christmas/malty beers cold (which is probably how they would serve it to you at a bar), and then see how it changes as it warms. But after that first tasting, it's all in on the warm beer.