Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feeling 2 Degrees Below

Clearing out the old notebook with some winter warmers.

Beer Log: 11/11/08
State: Eating Rosemary Herb Potatoes, asparagus, and ribeye, the wife was cookin that night

New Belgium 2 Degrees Below
Another one from the New Belgians. Smells like flowers and biting citrus. I did not expect that. Light copper color with a strong tan head. The taste is a nice hops but sanz bite. It has some of that sugar sweetness as well. It's a very clear tasting beer, if that makes any sense. It goes down so smooth its ridiculous. A light body beer that is excellent.

What's the deal man? I see "winter seasonal" and I'm thinking this will be a beer more akin to brown ales and barleywines, with some cinnamon sticks and yuletide thrown in the there. But here you have something that kind of reminds me of Fat Tire. Don't forget the Sierra Nevada winter beer which is a lot like a pale ale. Interesting how the interpretations of the seasonal can manifest themselves from brewer to brewer.

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