Friday, October 31, 2008

Beering in Charlotte: The Wrap UP!

Well I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the good beering. What I neglected to mention is that I made it back out to the Flying Saucer after the reunion, and I tried the Kind Pale Ale from Carolina Beer. Didn't have my book on me, but it was a good pale ale. I feel a little bad as I did not make it to Rock Bottom or Hops Grill, the only brewpubs out there. But I think the series of local beers I had should do the trick for now.

Charlotte has taken off with the beer bars. I don't think I mentioned going with everyone to a place called "Cans" late on Friday night. We got there and this place sells 24 ounce cans of regular beer. Everyone was blown away that I picked some a couple cans of good old Pabst Blue Ribbon. Everyone else was doing some Bud Light, but looked at ME like I was crazy.

We went to a bar area

My top 3 beers I had in Charlotte:

3. Rainbow Trout ESB

2. Cottonwood Endo IPA

and the big winner

1. Foothills Seeing Double

Interesting that a bitter and two IPAs were my top beers, clearly showing that my hiatus from hops has helped get me back into hops. The best staple beer to have all the time at the local bar scene, Carolina Blonde. And special honor to Cottonwood Pumpkin for a great fall beer.

Fantastic stuff coming out of North Carolina. I look forward to trying the brewpub stuff next time and maybe taking a day trip up to Asheville. Amazing that one town has more microbreweries than the ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS! But I digress. Special shouts to Rich Lyke for hipping me to places like Brixx and a few beer stores. I managed to squeeze in a variety pack of Magic Hat beer into my suitcase. Can't wait to crack a few of those open. It is Halloween afterall.

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Lew Bryson said...

That Cottonwood Endo is some nice stuff. Wish I'd tried the Foothills Seeing Double. I was similarly amazed at how good NC beer is these days; I was used to it being pretty dodgy ten years ago.