Monday, May 3, 2010

Working from Home: At the Sauce

I'm sitting here putting together project documentation for the job, and as I don't want to hamper myself and feel like a prisoner in my own home, I took to the streets and to the Saucer to keep working. With some hot wings and some fries, I'm ready for some beering.

At the Saucer: Working from home

Sierra Nevada Summerfest
I knew there was a reason I didn't remember this beer from last year.This thing is maybe a few ticks above MGD. Not quite up for a goodstrong pilsner, and kinda funky hopped. Come on guys. 2 Stars.

Brewdog 5 AM Saint
Dark copper-redish color with poofy slightly rusted color head. Nose is a sweet caramel with a pinch of copper like a Scotish ale.Great rudy-malt flavor, mod hops not standing up to the hot wings.I guess that the Munich malt and the crystal I'm getting as the dominantflavor here. 3 Stars.

Funny how at lunch time it's all button-downs, some ties, a few suits. That's how business gets done, a beer lunch.

It claims it's got some iconolastic affect to it, but after knocking this puppy back, I get that this is more of a funkiness to it. Notquite as good at all as it warms up. 2 Stars. I had maybe the RogueChipotle beer on my list, but after a couple of mediocre beers, it's time toSAVE US IPA. I could have sworn I've had the 512 IPA already, butIndependence has a new-to-me IPA, so let's go for that one.

Indy Stash IPA
Orange and eversoslightly cloudy. I've got a thin head and a lowersobriety right now. It happnens everytime I go offshore for long timesand come back to the Saucer and the Sauce. Moving on. Not much ofa nose, just some slight malt and grass hops. Moderate grassy/citrusyhops. Not much on the dry hopping here for the nose to give the fullsensory experience. When I get my IPAs, I like to have the whole sensoryoverload. Kinda like watching an Akihiro Gono entrance at an MMA event.No hint of the 7% plus ABV, though I may notice it as I try to stand up. A muted strong IPA, good for the hotter days we are starting to gethere. It's a lot closer to American PA than American IPA. Low 3 Stars.

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