Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Still Hungry, time for a beer

Sitting here with my eye still burning. I'm not quite doing it Kano style except at night. And I'm rocking the Kanye West shades while driving my car.

Otherwise, big shouts out to No Label Brewing right here in Katy, TX for having a tasting that I ended up missing. They are still on the hunt for their first brewing system, but we are very fired up in the Katy area for a brewery to call our own. Chances are they'll get started up just as we move to the north side of Houston, putting us in Southern Star country. Only the big money and/or single people can live in Saint Arnold's turf. Galatic Coast Brewing is working on getting started up in the NASA area, which will set Southeast Houston straight. After that, all we need is some in Sugarland or Pearland to quit dragging ass and we are good to go in the five major areas of Houston.

Beer Log: Right now
State: Watching Good Eats

Harpoon Glacier Harvest 2009
THe nose is fantastic, very grassy hops and nice caramel malt. The taste does not stand up, just a bit watery with very grassy hops. A basic pale ale that is just too hop forward for me. Leaves a bit of an icky hop aftertaste. High 2 Stars.

Oh well. I really love the wet hop series from Sierra Nevada. I think we just aged this one too long.


ben said...

I am itching to start a brewery in Sugar Land. But alas I have no money right now.

The American Don said...

There's plenty of folks out there willing to invest, especially if you look at what the new breweries in Austin were able to do.