Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random Beering

Mikeller Draft Bear (a malt liquor)
Nice amber color with white somewhat lasting head. Nose and flavor suggest a basic amber lager to me, all the way down to the moderate carbonation and whatnot. It works out very well for me. Not as bad as malt liquor's reputation. Not bad. Low 3 stars.

Brideport Imperial IPA
Strong poofy head that is rather lacy. Sharp caramel and plum nose with flowery hops. Beer has a nice malt and citrusy hops, but I got a pinch of copper penny in there somewhere. On the second sip, I think it's safe to say that this beer has not meshed well yet. I'm going to store this one a year and come back for it to see how it goes. Right now it's just too much hops, and too disjointed. Moving on.

Well I'm sitting here watching "Fighting" by myself. The wife and I made an agreement that I would only go out one night a week and she would itznay the laptop after the baby went to sleep. And for the first time we try it I am up by myself once again downing some Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale and watching a B MMA movie. This movie has some good points, including an appearance by Cung Le, but otherwise I've found myself watching Genki Sudo entrances on youtube and trying to fast forward through a DVR of Monster's Ball to see Hall Berri getting freaky with Billy Bob Thorton. Fighting just has too many slow points. "Make me feel good".

Anyway we did make it to Two Rows today and I tried their new ESB. I like a good ESB myself.

Beer Log: Lunchtime today
State: Doing alright, eating BBQ wings and fries

I ate so many 50 cent wings and fries that I haven't had to eat anything else all day. I'll input my formal review later, but I found the ESB to be way too buttery, kinda like a buttered toast beer. Only ordered one. We went Gingerman afterward by without a baby sitter, we had to take the baby. No seats avaialbe anywhere at 2PM, though the baby liked their decorations. Had to skip out and just take it back to the house. Kinda sucks that we drove all that way, but it be like that sometimes.

I'm considering a quick trip to Buffalo on July 4th weekend to see my mother and grandmother, as well as beer it up at Cole's and OD on Southern Tier. Maybe find a car to slip across the border to hit Volo and the Beerbistro in Toronto. Not to mention that I have in mind a quick 24 hour trip to San Antonio to see the Bellator Fighting Championships this Thursday night. Wouldn't hurt to grab a German hotel downtown and hit up Flying Saucer and Free Tail out there while I'm at it. Probably just leave directly from work with my Tapout shirt and sportcoat. You know, big money MMA. That's it , whip his black ass.

Still thinking about a trip up to Portland/Seattle this Fall. I've found I have a love for Seattle/Portland beer, and I'm getting a little affinity for the Seattle Sounders as well, just b/c their fan support is so hype. I'm still rooting for the Dynamo all day everyday, but nothing wrong with a second team you like. Holla.

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