Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hanging out in Houston

So last night I was able to get the Green Light to hit the mean streets of Houston. It was so great b/c it's American Craft Beer week and the Sauce was having an Allagash night. Turns out I had never had Allagash at the Saucer, though I've had plenty of their stuff in the past. I just can't get over how great Allagash Odyssey was. Finally I'm getting back into Belgian Strong dark ales. I've been doing the Tripel thing for a while. Anyway, it had a very nice combination of big poofy tan head, near black color, with a choco, raisin, and banana thing going on. Very very sweet. Kinda makes me want to see if we have it somewhere in the house for a breakfast beer. I didn't notice the 10%+ ABV as I just inhaled that beer after the terrible traffic getting to the Saucer.

Afterward I went completely backwards and copped the Allagash White (hey it was only 3 bucks). It barely held its own after the Odyssey, with that banana bread thing going on. A pinch of sour and a nice soft body to it. Fast forward and I'm thinking I'm going to be passing out at the Astros game, but we go ahead and get the Allagash Black. Tastebuds were blown at that point, only was a little chocolatey and roasty.

Afterward a quick trip to Minute Maid park to watch the Astros ACTUALLY WIN A GAME! And it was against Tampa Bay Rays. Their pitcher hit a couple of our guys including Brett Myers our pitcher, and I just kept yelling about how this is the National League, and the Rays pitcher has to get on that plate at some time. I was hoping Myers would at least give that chump a close shave with a 90 miler, but alas he let him off the hook. Which is why we are sitting pretty with only 16 wins going toward Memorial day and Roy Oswalt wants to be traded. Then again, we were 15-35 the year we went to the World Series, so who knows.

I was pretty tapped out, so we went for cigars and at Downing Street to cap off the night. Turns out the condos at Kirby and Westheimer have come up very nicely (if not bankrupt), and there is a great LAish feel while sitting at Taco Milagro and/or Downing Street. A little Grand Marnier with my Romeo y Julieta worked out well, while all the hot women seemed to be wearing red dresses. For a while there I thought Milagro had had it's time in the sun, but around midnight they had their little dance floor packed and plenty of folks posted up outside enjoying more drinks. I need to drag-ass back over there at some point like we used to do.

Got home at a decent hour and wanted to get the cigar and Marnier taste out of my mouth, so a Red Hook Mudslinger Spring seasonal worked out well enough. To cap off Craft beer week, we'll be hitting up Two Rows for lunch and Gingerman for their anniversary party. Word on the street is that Two Rows has a new head brewer. Curious if they have any special beers on tap.

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