Sunday, April 18, 2010

BeerBrotha Movie Review: Beer Wars

Beer Log: Right now
State: Watching Beer Wars on Netflix Streaming video

Boulevard Long Strange Tripel
Orange color with a thin white head in my goblet. My nose is starting to get a little stuffy, but it has a great orange and banana nose. Nose is also plum alcohol and peppery. Let's go get 'em. High carbo and fruity (fruit as in orange, apple, and banana). I get an easy drinkability despite it's bubbliness. It has some hint of sourness and brown sugar/white sugar taste I've come to associate with Tripels. 4 Stars baby.

Beer Wars
I know I'm probably the last American beer blogger to have say about this movie, b/c frankly it sounded like a simple documentary one would see on the History channel. Just by the title I could see that this would basically paint the bigger brewers as evil bastards using their resources to crush the Mom and Pop brewers just trying to live a dream. And sure enough, that's basically what it is.

As much as I am in support of the micros and regionals, we can't sit around and cry woe is me if a business tries to do... business. As much of a capitalist that I claim to be, I think that although this film can put up a sob story, it will hopefully energize folks to try these new breweries. And yes we must fight to keep the laws from busting our chops, but dammit we better be ready for a fight. No business, whether they are selling beer, baby bottles, watches, cocaine, or women (you can tell what's around my house right now) is going to let someone chomp into their market share. In this very film they started out with how A-B, Miller, and Coors went at each other. And it was brutal. Sadly in some internal promotional video for A-B, they showed a guys cutting out JAX beer, which of course was a local brewery in New Orleans which is now a mall for teenie-bopper shorts and rip off voodoo merchandise.

A-B and MillerCoors are getting into craft beer and going directly at the local guys. These somewhat familiar sounding beers with no buzz or anything just happen to show up at every ballpark and taproom in the city. The local A-B brewery here makes Zeigenbock to go right after Shiner Bock. And dammit it makes perfect sense to me, and I would be ashamed if Spoetzl and Saint Arnolds folks were caught by surprise when this stuff hit the scene. They've got more money, they've got hotter girls, they've got more resources, and they've got you in their sights. I'm just wondering how long before a big dog is just going to buy someone like a Sierra, Dogfish, or even Stone.

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