Monday, May 3, 2010

Sam Adams Longshot: Michael Robinson

State: A little sleepy
Beer Log: Right now

Old Ben Ale
Copper and clear with a strong cream-colored head. Copper ale style nose with a malt thing going on. Oh my. A great strong malt, a pinch cloying. Kind of like a super scottish ale. Great caramel and crystal malt taste. A good pinch of raisin. Moderate body and lightly hopped. If I wasn't 6 beers in today and very sleepy, it would probably be a lot better. It's supposed to be an Old Ale. I can see that. If only I had a cigar, a fine white woman singing Ella Fitzgerald with a dude playing acoustic bass, soft lighting, and a 35 year old sista feeding me some brie, and I would be straight to go with this beer. Instead I've got a headache, Dora the Explorer on TV, the baby spilling ketchup on the floor, and 24 upstairs on pause. High 3 star for now, and going upward with every sip. Not too strong, but good enough.

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