Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Beer Log: Just now
State: Eating the same steak I had yesterday with some sweet corn on the cob

Mikeller It's Alive
Sweet and sour nose with some bread and brett to go along. Very effervescent with a tinged red copper with mild white head. The beer is moderately sour and bitter, kind of grapefruity. It has an earthiness and dry character. High carbonation. It's not as good as it smells (how many times have I said that?). I imagine this is the famed "feet" taste of a brett/sour/bottle conditioned ale. It gets more sour with a pinch of sweet sugar as it warms. But not quite enough. I've had enough sourish beers to claim this one is 2 Stars.

I'm out of WW points, so I need to take 'er easy the rest of the night. Hopefully I've lost a couple of poundals while I was laid up not able to work out. Travel plans include a trip to the DC area next month and if I don't make it to Brickskeller, I'm going to be sick. Also will be doing the family cruise

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