Sunday, May 23, 2010

Running through Shiner Family

So I'm doing a little beer arts and crafts with our beer labels, mod podging the TV trays with some beer labels. Just labelled up one of our TV trays with some of our rare find beers. It was a task just not filling it up with Boulevard and Allagash beer labels. Anyway, I wanted to make a Texas one and sure enough I don't have any Texas labels at all. So all that means is I'm hitting the store for some Saint Arnolds Amber and the Shiner family sixpack.

I just realized that of all the Shiner family beers, I do indeed think their Hefeweizen is the best. Followed by the Bock and then the Shiner Blonde. Thankfully these beers are lightweight stuff on the weightwatchers, so I just had at it today. Still got to give Shiner some props for being the 10th largest brewer in America. With the Shiner Hefe being the only Shiner beer other than the Bock that I've seen on tap or at stores around the country, it's got some good wheat beer and decent hops going for it.

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