Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beerbrotha Sports Review: UFC and the 'Stros

Well I'm sitting here probably a good 3 pounds heavier after Memorial Day weekend watching Dragonball Z Kai with the surround sound on. And what a nice weekend. Started it out with a trip to the Saucer before hitting up Champps for UFC 114.

Beer Log: May 29, 2010

State: At the Flying Saucer , hungry, mouth dry.

Indy is really starting to insert themselves into the Houston beer scene, and what I used to think was the most pedestrian of the Texas micros has really taken off with their flavors. So I passed on the new Oskar Blues and Rogue. Black and cloudy wiht thick tan head. This puppy is thick and smooth, with chocolate and hops. I just love the mouthfeel, kinda poofy. Not quite as thick as other oatmeal stouts, but that's just fine for me with this summer heat already coming down on us. High 3 Stars.

After some quesadillas...

At 10% ABV, this thing better be good. Two of these and I wouldn't even remember who won the fight. Clear amber with piney grapefruit nose. The taste is just FANTASTIC! Great malt and hop taste. Just a stronger version of Gordon's, about the only beer I ever by every time I go to Specs. Earthy caramel malt balances it out just right, no hint of the alcohol. High 4 Stars. Looks like I have two beers I'll be buying everytime I hit the liquor store.

Well I made a conscious decision during the UFC that I have officially switched my standard session beer from New Belgium Fat Tire to Saint Arnold Amber. And Champps had it in 16 ounces.

UFC 114 was okay, lot's of fights went to decision. The fans were so fired up for a brawl that they booed everytime the fighters walked to each other. Just crazy stuff. Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson were talking so much smack, that it was just a shame we didn't see someone get concussed. But in all reality, I think all real fans know Rashad would fight smart rather than walking in there like Tank Abbott.

Unfortunately the Dynamo lost in the last minute of stoppage time that same night against Philadelphia, damn shame. Fricken expansion team. Anyway, I'm ready to rock and roll for the World Cup and will likely hit up Richmond Arms with one or two of the guys when we play against England. If we can beat England, it will be pretty sweet to rub it in those British dudes faces while at the Arms. Although I'm not a fanatic, the 'Stros are so sad-sack this year that we lost to the Natinals 14-4. Oswalt managed to get kicked out of the game in like the 3rd inning. But at least I had about 3 Saint Arnold's Ambers to keep things interesting.

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