Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beering In China: Shanghai Nights

Day two and we roamed the streets of Shanghai looking at the fantastic scenery, an interesting mixture of western shopping and eastern shopping and Cuban cigars.  Lots of fun around The Bund.

The one thing I'm not sure about is who took more pictures.  Me of the amazing Chinese modern and colonial architecture, or the Chinese people of me.  It was like I was a part of the damn tour!  It was not so the personnel that were local citizens.  It seemed like it was more of the tourists groups from other Asian countries.

"And over on the left we have the American Negro. You typically will only see them on television rapping and this one may 'bust a rhyme' for you if you ask politely.  Feel free to use flash photography."

Before Obama I imagine all they saw of us was 50 Cent and P. Diddy, fantastic.  We all just went along with it after a while.  I can only imagine what it's like if some these guys when they come to and they find themselves surrounding by blackfolk on like the MARTA.

But I digress.
So we hit the tour bus and make our way to Suzhou.  After hitting some tourist destinations we hit the Brussels Beer and Wine Bar on our own.  How we got there was I looked it up on Google Maps and go the walking directions, however they called a cab for us at the hotel.  It was located on the Jinji Lake with one road in and one road out, the Li Gong Di baby!!


Around 9PM the area was bouncing with a series of western style bars  We figured we would start at Brussels and then waltz over to the German beer house across the street after some cigars and beer for starters.  The cafe was supposed to have live music, however it had the male DJ singing Mary J. Blige on Karaoke. Otherwise this place was huge and it was empty.

The place however was FULL of cigars, Huka, and beer.  SCORE!!

Beer Log: October 14, 2012
State: At the Brussels Beer and Wine in Suzhou

Chimay White
Came in the bottle but had the proper goblet.  The bar was very comfortable by the way with the dark red decor.  Not bad.  It was three of us so we just hung out in the back  Beer was a dark amber color with a big white lacy head.  Light estery banana, caramel, and cherry nose.  Moderate bitterness with a strong caramel and plum flavor.  It's kinda off though and a pinch cardboardy.  I think it may have been there a while actually.  No rating.

While we were just shooting the breeze, the bartender came up and said "We are going home".  So we packed up and made our way outside to hit that German place.  When we walked outside the Li Gong Di was a GHOST TOWN.  All the bars and restaurants were dead.  Lights off.  No people.  Minimal street lights in comparison to the LED and Neon wonderland we walked into just 2 hours prior.

And it was only 11PM.  We saw one taxi driving into the peninsula, and I told our folks we are walking 2.5km through the city or getting this taxi when he comes back, as there is only one road.  We did flag the taxi however the dude did not speak or read mandarin as far as we could tell.  Luckily I had a little charge on my phone and still had the directions on them.  I just pointed our way around town and we made it back to the hotel.

Apparently, after about 11PM you can forget it.