Sunday, March 17, 2013

Beering in Austin, TX: Bangers

Figured we could clear out the ol' Ipad of beer notes
So back in November I was asked to do some interviews for the company.  The beauty is that after the convention I had a little down time and the family came up. 

 As I was in Austin, TX, good beer is pretty much EVERYWHERE.  The 7-11 has a killer craft beer selection.  So we needed some food in someplace new, so I found this German beer garden that specialized in wild game.  Winning!

State: At Bangers Sausage House and Beer Garden. 

First off my daughter was not having ANYTHING to do with what they called Hot Dog at Bangers, so I had to walk to IHOP to get Bella a waffle.  It was either that or leave all together.  Boy I was upset and thirsty as hell. Ordered the flight of hops and grain and local stuff

Thirsty Planet Yellow Armadillo
Very clear with a banana light nose. The beer has a great banana and some poofy ester character.  The beer is incredibly lit and refreshing. Just a little watery for a hot second but gives to a light lemony bitterness. Low 3 stars

Hops and Grain Alt-eration
Very lacy head with ruby brown color with cinnamon caramel nose. The taste has a nice cookie caramel thing going on. Great bitterness throughout probably making it a little more American. The hops are a pinch harsher than I expected for an alt, but this can work. 3 stars.

Oh good the venison and antelope with cinnamon and clove sausage showed up.  That's right, Venison and Antelope with Cinnamon and Clove.

Hops and Grain Pale Dog
Great hoppy nose, almost piney and malty. Damn that's good. Perfectly balanced malt and hops. Maybe the best pale ale I've ever had. Can I call it 5 stars with that simple perfection?

Pedernales Lobo Negro
What you call me? Great light body with a fantastic dark malt character. High 3 stars. Could become my new go to beer when I'm in the Hill Country.

Hops and Grain Belgian Pale Ale
Oh yeah, that nose has the same pale ale but with some Belgian esters. Fantastic beer with a mod piney hops, caramel malt, and the yeasty notes for the Belgian side. 3 stars.

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