Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shout Out to our Soldiers

I see I now have a lot of readers from Afghanistan. Considering that the local clientele in Afghanistan are prohibited from drinking alcohol (as I understand it), I'm going to venture a guess that we have some soldiers checking out "The Brotha" in the warzone. You guys stay strong out there! Hope you come home soon.

Live Blogging:
State: Right Now, watching the Anderson Silva/Forrest Griffin fight on DVR for the 15th time.

Firehouse Brewing Company American Pale Ale
Big offwhite head with amber clear color. Nose is a pleasant fruitiness and malt. Maybe a touch of apricot. Taste is kinda malty, with a nice dose of toast. Hops are not overpowering, just barely balancing the malt. Very nice. I would say this qualifies as an American Pale Ale, but on the lower end of the bitterness. I'd say we have to segregate the West Coast Pale Ales as they bring the pain on the hops. A nice sweetness on the back of the tongue. High 3 star.

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